The review of the 2014 model is "Lifan Sebrium". "Chinese" on Russian roads


The history of the automobile brand Lifan takes itsbeginning in 1992. Under it are cars, buses, scooters, etc. The development of the company can hardly be called impetuous, since its products have been intended for a long time only for domestic markets. In 2001, the first attempts were made to conquer the Japanese buyer. Two years later, it was decided to expand production, and Lifan Industry Group released the first trucks. In 2005, the first "cars" appeared.

In 2014 Lifan's lineup was replenished with a new car with an index of 720, in Russia it is known as "Lifan Sebrium". Experts' comments assured the buyers that the model is equipped in accordance with modern requirements. However, after a close acquaintance with the car, its technical characteristics, design features and configuration did not cause much enthusiasm. Many buyers treated him as the next "Chinese consumer goods". However, not everything is so deplorable, there are interesting moments in the new model, which you can read by reading the article.

Lifan Sebrium

A short description of the car Lifan Cebrium

According to Chinese manufacturers, "LifanSebrium ", taking into account the European classification of cars, is exhibited in the D-class. Body type - sedan. The new model is based on an improved platform, which was borrowed from Lifan Solano. There is no rear drive for Cebrium, which is not surprising for a car of this price category. Having studied all the characteristics and a good analysis of them, we can say that the updated Lifan has decent data. And it can compete with the most popular cars of its class.


"Lifan Sebrium" is quite a heavy car. This is confirmed by its overall dimensions:

  • ground clearance (aka ground clearance) is 170 mm;
  • length of the machine - 4700 mm;
  • height reaches 1490 mm;
  • the width is 1765 mm.

Thanks to such dimensions on the road, it will not go unnoticed.

лифан себриум отзывы


It's time to talk about technicalcharacteristics of the machine. Unfortunately, the Chinese manufacturer does not offer a large choice of power units for the Lifan Sebrium model. Reviews of car owners show discontent with such a decision. The car is equipped with only a gasoline engine, which was previously installed on the crossover Lifan X60. This is a 4-cylinder in-line atmospheric engine with a capacity of 1.8 liters (1,794 cubic cm), equipped with a 16-valve timing. The maximum possible power of installation of this car does not exceed 133 liters. s., held in the range from 4200 to 4800 rpm. The engine will work only with a five-step "mechanics", as the use of "automatic" by the manufacturer is not provided.

Basic (average) levelconsumption of gasoline in the model "Lifan Sebrium", according to the developers, does not exceed 7.9 liters in the mode of motion. Accordingly, on the road this sedan should not exceed a figure of 6.5 liters. The tandem gearbox and motor provides a top speed of 180 km / h. As the most suitable fuel, the creators offer unleaded gasoline of the AI-95 trademark.

lifan sebrium price


The next important part is, of course,equipment. In Russia, this model is exhibited in the automotive market in two versions: Comfort and Luxury. All variations have very rich equipment. This means that the starting (basic) configuration does not exist. And now let's take a closer look at each.

  • Comfort.

This equipment of the car "Lifan Sebrium" (pricefrom 565 thousand rubles.) is aimed at ensuring that its owners do not experience any inconvenience. This applies to both technical content and aesthetic elements. The latter are represented by leather seats, child seat anchors, adjustable head restraints for the driver and front passenger, etc. Technical equipment will also please owners. There are airbags, child lock locks, front lights can vary in height, no need to turn on the head optics, there is air conditioning, automatic interior lighting, power steering, protection system from any side impact and much more. All this can be appreciated by connoisseurs of comfort.

  • Luxury.

Approximate cost of the car is 605 thousand rubles., slightly more expensive than the previous model. Test drive "Lifan Sebrium" showed very good results. The car is equipped with climate control, front halogen lights, power steering of the driver's wheel, the function of opening the luggage compartment from the car, parktronic with a display, all electric windows, remote control mirrors, driver's seat with automatic adjustment in 6 directions, as well as front passenger chair with four modes of adjustment.

test drive лифан себриум


What about the design in which Lifan is madeCebrium, it is rather laconic and stylish. We must agree that it looks very attractive, calculated on the taste preferences of Russians.

The salon is done neatly. Here, in all details, organicity is felt. This is mainly due to high-quality leather finishing. The sedan is very roomy and not less comfortable. The luggage compartment of the car "Lifan Sebrium" is also quite good and can hold about 620 liters of cargo.

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