"Lexus IS 250": owner feedback, technical specifications


One of the most ageless Japanese cars you canboldly call the "Lexus IS 250". Reviews of the owners of the car and many experts indicate that despite the solid age of the model, its elegant and restrained design remains relevant today. Only observant car enthusiasts could immediately notice the changes that were occasionally made to the design of the car. The cardinal modernization of the car was made only in the third generation, which was debuted in January 2013. About him and will go into more detail later.

Lexus IS 250

General information

The first generation of the model was presented to thepublic in 1998 and was issued for seven years. The model is based on the sedan Toyota Altezza. At the same time, the Japanese introduced a so-called concept of sensible sport in the novelty, which allowed the car to gradually reach the level of the main competitors, where the developers were oriented when creating it. In this case we are talking about the third series of BMW and Mercedes C-class. The second generation of the Lexus IS 250 was produced before the end of 2012, and the latest version of the car was launched in early 2013.

Exterior design

Unlike the previous generation, Japanesedesigners decided to abandon the assembly of cars in the body of the station wagon. Instead, a stylish coupe equipped with a metal folding roof appeared in the line. Whatever it was, the most common variant of the body is a four-door sedan. The model is characterized by a dynamic expressive silhouette. Radiator grating is made in the form of a spindle and is located quite low. It seems to be dissected by sharp-angled elongated headlights. The windshield in the Lexus IS 250 is characterized by a large angle of inclination, and the side mirrors are aerodynamically shaped, which indicates the sports orientation of the car. The rear small windows look like an arrow. All the elements of the exterior are perfectly matched, creating a fascinating harmony. Whatever it was, despite numerous improvements, the designers managed to maintain the company's philosophy, because the exterior of the model is still both sporty and representative.

Lexus IS 250 reviews


In a similar exterior car stylethe interior of the Lexus IS 250 was also developed. Reviews of the owners of the car mainly characterize her salon as laconically simple and at the same time intriguingly elegant. Additional positive exclamations deserve flawlessly designed chairs with an impressive level of lateral and lumbar support. The interior decoration is mainly leather and wood. In order to emphasize the sporting focus of the model, the designers have set up paddle shift petals. On the center console, an analog clock and a multifunctional multimedia system with navigation are thrown into the eyes. Compared with the previous version of the car increased the amount of space for the rear passengers.

engine Lexus IS 250

Main characteristics

Installed under the hood of a 208-horsepower gasolinethe engine "Lexus IS 250" has a volume of 2.5 liters. It consists of six cylinders, arranged in the form of the letter "V". The power plant is equipped with direct injection and change of gas distribution phases. The average fuel consumption of this engine in a mixed cycle is 8.6 liters for every hundred kilometers of run. As for the transmission, the car is aggregated exclusively by an automatic six-step box, in which a sequential manual shifting mode is provided. The drive is via the rear wheels.

It is impossible not to mention the suspension "Lexus IS 250". Technical characteristics of the car significantly improved after the developers completely redesigned the steering and chassis. As a result, the machine boasts excellent stability and excellent grip of the wheels with the road surface, even at steep turns.


Japanese engineers properly took care andThe safety of the model, which here is at the highest level. The novelty is equipped with ten pillows, two of which are responsible for protecting the knees. Radar Dynamic Speed ​​Control allows the car to independently control the movement of the vehicle in front. Thus, depending on the traffic situation, the Lexus IS 250 can automatically slow down or accelerate. In addition, the car is equipped with some other interesting intelligent programs that ensure safe driving. In this case we are talking about monitoring so-called blind zones, ABS, EBD and other assistants. All this allowed the model in its class to get the highest mark on the results of Euro NCAP tests.

Lexus IS 250 specifications

The result

Only in the third generation model "Lexus IS 250"was able to form a proper competition to its main rivals, which were mentioned above. The cost of basic complete sets of all these cars is approximately at the same level and starts from a mark of one and a half million rubles. Whatever it was, one can not but note the fact that for people who buy such expensive cars, the question of price is far from being in the first place.

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