Geely cars: a lineup


The automaker "Gili" started its activityrelatively recently, in 1986. Since the production of refrigerators, he later started producing Geely cars. The lineup (the photo can be seen below) has been replenished with several models of the car. Most of them are suitable for city streets. One model is an SUV.

How Geely cars appeared

As mentioned above, the company "Gili" startedwork in China in 1986. And its first products are scooters. Economic conditions in the country led to the fact that the company was forced to diversify its business.

After an agreement with the automaker Honda in1992, "Gili" began the production of scooters and motorcycles under their license. Already in 1997, the company's specialists developed their own engine for the scooter. The same year is considered the beginning of the production of cars.

Geely cars

The symbolic date for the company was August 91998. On this day the first car came off the assembly line of the enterprise. There was it in the city of Linhai. The company became world famous and was able to open branches in other countries.

In 2003, the first Geely vehicles were shipped for export. The model range is supplemented every year with 1-2 new models.


Cars Geely (photos are presented in the article) in the majority belong to the class of cars. And they are made in the bodies of sedan or hatchback. The lineup looks like this:

  • The Geely Haoqing hatchback was produced between 1998 and 2005. The engine is one-liter, petrol, with 3 cylinders. Power 52 liters. from. Front-wheel drive.
  • From 2000 to 2009 was produced by Geely MR. Five-door hatchback, 1.5 petrol, 94 hp. from. Front-wheel drive.
  • Coupe "Gilly-Beauty-Leopard" was produced from 2005 to 2006. Motor - 1.3 liters, gasoline, 4 cylinders, 86 liters. from.
  • 2008-2016 "Gili-Vision" is produced. Five-door sedan. 1.5 liters, gasoline, 106 liters. with., drive front.
  • Five-door hatchback Geely LC (Panda) Cross (since 2008). The petrol engine of 1,3 l, 84 l. from. MKPP.
  • "Gili-MK" (2008-2015). Five-door sedan. Two generations: 2008-2014. and 2013-2015.
  • The hatchback with 5 doors "Gili-Emgrand-EU7" is issued since 2009. Gasoline, 1.8 liters, manual transmission. Accelerates to hundreds in 12.8 seconds.
  • Geely LC (Panda) (2012-today). Five-door hatchback. Motor - 1.0 liter. gasoline, manual transmission. Has 4 modifications.
  • Since 2012, also produced cars Geely SC7. It's a 5 door sedan. The engine is 1.8 liters. MKPP. Drive front.

cars Geely model line photo

  • Another five-door sedan appeared in 2013 - Gili-Emgrand-EU8. Gasoline two-liter engine. Front-wheel drive.
  • The sedan Geely GC6 appeared in 2014. Gasoline, 1.5 liters. Basic and comfort.
  • In the period from 2015, the sedan is produced Geely GC9, 1.8 liters petrol, 163 hp. from. Automatic transmission.
  • In the current year, 2016, the sedan Gili-Emgrand-7 entered the market. Produced in three trim levels: standard, comfort, luxury.

Minivans of the company

This group includes only one model -Geely EV8. Produce it started in 2010. Its capacity is seven passengers and a driver. The motor petrol 2,4 l, four-cylinder, with 16 valves. Power 163 liters. with., front-wheel drive. Gearbox to choose from - mechanical or automatic with 6 gears. The dimensions of the car are as follows: length - 4.84 m, width - 1.83 m, height - 1.75 m.

Crossovers "Gili"

This group includes the following cars:

  • "Gili-Emgrand-X7". Has a few more names: "Gili-Emgrand" EX7 or GX7. There are 2 types of gasoline engines: 2.0 liters (139 hp) and 2.4 liters (158 hp). Gearbox with 5 gears, respectively, mechanical or automatic. Drive front.

cars Geely reviews

  • Geely Vision SUV, also known under the names"Gili-Vision-X6", "Gili-NL-4" and "Gili-Emgrand-X6". Power units 1,8 l (133 hp) and 1,3 l turbo (133 hp). A mechanical or robotic gearbox.
  • Geely Emgrand Boyue cars were formerly called "Gili-NL-3". Power units 2.0 liters and 2.4 liters. Capacity accordingly 141 l. from. and 184 liters. from. Variants of a box of a gear change: 5МПППП, 6МПППП and 5АКПП.

Geely cars

  • "Gili-MK-Cross", created on the basis of a car. Petrol engine 1.5 liters, 94 liters. with., 5MKPP.


Individual Geely cars belong to the class of SUVs. This group includes:

  • "Gili-Emsgrand-EX8" with a capacity of 5 or 7 seats. The engine of 2,4 l (gasoline) 162 l. from. Manual or automatic transmission.
  • "Gili-Emgrand-EX9", which entered the market in 2011. The engine is installed 2.4 liters, petrol, with a capacity of 150 liters. from. Four-wheel drive. Automatic transmission.

Geely cars photos

  • Geely EP9 is produced in a pickup truck body. Two variants of the engine: diesel 2,2 l, 148 l. from. and petrol 2.4 liters, 162 liters. from. Also two variants of the drive: front or full.

What are they, Geely cars?

Reviews of car ownersthe quality of the assembly of the car its price. They note a comfortable lounge, a good overview, convenience, good maneuverability. Another plus - a small fuel consumption, even when driving around the city and often idle in traffic jams.

Of the shortcomings noted salon. Many people do not like the design inside the car. The plastic used in the salon is of poor quality and breaks fast. In the cold time begins to squeak.

Another disadvantage is that the engine is running loudly. Poor sound insulation.

The car is often purchased in those cases when they want a new car for a small amount. And the quality of Chinese products in this case is very much nothing. Many buyers expect the worst.

You can settle down behind the wheel with comfort. This is said by drivers of small stature. Those who are above have some inconvenience. During a long trip, the back becomes numb.

It's convenient to go and park around the city. And the expense pleasantly pleases. The city takes about 8 liters. Good review.

Pleasantly please car owners service centers. Under warranty, you can replace individual parts that are out of order. For example, there are frequent cases of replacement of headlights, as they mist over periodically. Another install a new battery.

As the car owners say, the cars "Gili"fully correspond to the price category to which they relate. And the drivers who choose this car are ready for this and always mark this moment in their reviews.

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