How to install the electric trunk


Probably everyone faced the situation whenit is necessary to get something from the trunk or put in it, and the motor is wound up. The key to the luggage compartment, of course, in one bunch with the ignition key, so you have to either jam the motor, or with intricate movements to take it off the ligament. Today I want to tell you about how the electric drive of the trunk door is put on your car.

electric trunk

To do this, we turn off the mass of the car andopen the trunk. We take out of it the lock of the piston, поддевая a screw-driver, and then and itself писто. In the same way, we straighten out another three and remove the lock of the plastic lock. Using a 7 mm key, a threaded bushing is retained, and the retaining screw of the rod is turned by a slotted screwdriver. When done, place the washer under the locking screw and wrap it. Next, the wire pull hook that comes in the kit is bent, so that the center distance is 20 mm. After that, it must be hooked on the locking screw, as well as behind the ear of the electric drive rails.

Now it is necessary to fix the electric drive of the trunk in the lid amplifier using two screws. He will calmly fit in the plastic lock casing.

electric door drive

It is also possible to install the electric door drive,replacing the lock similar to the other car, if it is stronger. To do this, turn off the head all the stud nuts that are on the fastening of the lock to the trunk, in the amount that is provided for the design of your car, then it is removed. In its place we put an analogue. From the wire we make traction and connect the lever of the lock and the electric drive of the trunk behind the ear of the rail. Install it right next to the right lamp.

But be prepared for the fact that the power reservethis electric drive may not be enough, and if severe frosts occur, the grease thickens and the voltage in the onboard power supply drops, the lid may not open. In this case it is recommended to start the car and warm up the motor a little. During this time, the voltage is normalized, and the electric drive of the trunk should work. If this does not happen, then it will be necessary to warm it up.

electric tailgate boot

The next stage will be supplying power tothe electric drive of a luggage carrier. To do this, lay the wires through the lid of the luggage cover so that they are parallel to the standard wiring harness. When you did, you need to bring them to the dashboard in the cabin.

Next, the button that will opentrunk. For example, it can be installed on the floor of the tunnel. They often have a plastic cap, which must be removed. This will be a great place for your button, although it can be installed in another place if desired. Pay attention to the fact that it does not need to be fixed. Power must be supplied only when you keep it pressed. Otherwise, the electric drive can be rendered unusable.

Connect the tips from the feed wirespower to your button and place it in the place you specified. Now turn on the mass and try to press the button. If you did everything correctly, the boot lid will open automatically when pressed.

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