Renault 19: more than a hundred modifications for years of production


In the asset of the French automotive industrycompany Renault several dozen first-class models, from compact small cars to large limousines of the executive class. Some machines stand out from the overall model line, due to their extraordinary technical characteristics, as well as the exclusivity of the exterior design. These cars include Reno 19, the release of which began in 1988.

Reno 19
The car immediately took its place confidentlyEuropean market in several modifications. First of all it was two hatchbacks, five-door for five seats and three-door for four seats. Behind them came a five-seater four-door sedan and closed this model chain two-door convertible with two-row seats. Produced by Renault 19 at several factories in France, Turkey and Latin America. The policy of Renault in the early nineties was aimed at a broad buyer. The task of the directorate was to produce large quantities of cars of this quality, against which no buyer could resist. And this task was successfully carried out. Renault 19 was an impeccable car, easy to manage, with a high level of comfort, economical and maneuverable.

Reno 19 europe
The price of the sellers tried to maintain withinmass accessibility. This was possible because of the low cost of the basic units and the relatively inexpensive equipment of the car. Low prices for components, components and assemblies, as well as inexpensive assembly in Latin American factories, allowed Reno 19 to be repeatedly modified, photos are seen on the page, improving the design and improving the basic performance of the undercarriage, engine and transmission. The car became the standard in its class, technical characteristics were already taking on redundant character, when the middle class car could no longer be improved, its parameters reached their limit. However, the design offices of the company Renault still found application of high engineering thought.

Reno 19 photos
A unique emergencyabsorption of the kinetic displacement of the engine and all the metal mass located in the engine compartment. In the new format, the engine with the gearbox was mounted on a special frame of the profile profile, which in turn was attached to the frame spars. The design in a head-on collision took a hit on itself, the inertia was extinguished and the engine no longer drove into the interior, as was the case with conventional cars. Thus, Renault 19 became the most injurious car of its time, in relative terms. Otherwise, the passive safety of the machine was also at a sufficiently high level, four emergency pillows prevented the driver and passenger in the front seat from injury, and the rear seat was equipped with effective seatbelts with inertial lock, which withstood any tension.

Renault 19 trunk
The number of modifications that were made by Renault19 for the years of release, simply can not be counted. But it is reliably known that there were more than a hundred of them. The most significant and notable development was the modification of Renault 19 Europe, produced at an automobile plant in Turkey. Some modifications of the basic nature were held until the end of production in 1995, when Reno 19 was replaced by Renault Megane. On the main conveyors, the Renault 19 release ceased, but in the peripheral plants the car was assembled for another 7 years, until 2002.

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