Renault Duster (2015): specifications, exterior and interior


One of the most long-awaited cars in the pastthe year was the new Renault Duster (2015). Technical characteristics of the car already in the previews were declared as attractive even for fans of powerful and fast cars. Did the model justify the expectation?

renault duster 2015 specifications

Briefly about the car

Before you talk about what Renault hasDuster (2015) specifications, it is worth briefly tell about the model itself. So, this is a compact crossover, which was developed by specialists of the technical center in Guiancourt. For the first time it was presented to the public in 2009. But then the car was presented under the daughter brand Dacia, and it was oriented to European buyers.

Then, in 2014, the "Renault Daster" already appeared,which could be bought in Russia, Colombia, Brazil and even India. In the same year, produced a million Duster. And even appeared his version, known under the Japanese brand "Nissan". The Erde Tunga specialist worked on the design, and Yevgeny Tkachev was engaged in restyling, the man whose authorship belongs to the concept "Lada X-Ray".

Interestingly, the English word duster translates as anther. And it's explained simply - an SUV for dusty roads.

new Renault Daster 2015 specifications


So, before you describe what Renault hasDuster (2015) specifications, it is worth talking about his appearance. Crossover was created by French specialists together with the Japanese concern Nissan. The platform was also theirs - B0. She is familiar to many Russians on "Logan", "Sandero" and even on "Lada Largus." True, the platform had to be modified to use other bridges and all-wheel drive systems. It is interesting that about 70% of the components of the first generation were borrowed from other models (manufactured by both Nissan and Reno). For example, the front doors took over from "Sandero", and the all-wheel drive system - from Japanese cars.

Dimensions are small: 4315 mm in length, 1822 mm in width and 1625 mm in height. The wheelbase is 2673 mm. The ground clearance is very good (which can not but please the Russians, considering what roads we have) - 2205 mm. The tires set 215/65 R16 on either light-alloy or R16 iron wheels.

In the guise of clearly distinguished spectacular radiatorThe grille and a fairly powerful, though streamlined body. Optics, silhouettes, lines - everything gives out in the car the true representative of a popular French company.

 renault duster specifications and description


The new "Renault Daster" (2015), technicalthe characteristics of which will be considered in more detail, is produced both in full and in the front-wheel drive version. The driver with the help of the switch can choose the operating mode of the gearbox - automatically activated all-wheel drive, 4x4 (only with interlock lock) and 4x2 (front-wheel drive).

In this car installed battery increasedcapacity, and also a volume tank стеклоомывателя on 5 liters. Plus, original motor vehicle management programs were introduced. Still experts decided to additionally protect the bottom (a crankcase, fuel-conducting ways).


This is another important point. And it should be mentioned, talking about Renault Duster (2015). Technical specifications are important, but more time a person spends inside the machine, so that the availability of appropriate amenities and space is important. In general, everything is very practical, comfortable and inexpensive. Interior was decided to perform in dark colors and add to this the chrome finish of the air ducts. In the top version, however, potential buyers are offered certain elements, leather-clad.

This car has a very spacious interior thatis its main advantage. The driver's seat can be adjusted only lengthwise, but in the top version all adjustments are provided. The steering wheel is not configurable at all, it's a paid option. In the rest everything is in order: devices, from which it is convenient to read the indicators, a practical panel. And the trunk is pleased, it holds 408 liters, and if you fold the rear seats, the volume will increase to 1570 liters.

Reno Duster

Range of power units

But now directly about what kind ofRenault Duster specifications. And the description will be quite detailed. The first motor is a 1.6-liter, producing 102 horsepower. The second - for 1.5 liters, diesel. There is an option for both 90 and 110 "horses." The second one is equipped with a turbodiesel. In Russia, however, only 90-strong is available. They can work under the control of both 5-band mechanics and 6-speed mechanics. The first transmission is available for the mono drive, the second for the all-wheel drive.

Another 2-liter engine for 135 liters is available to Russians. from. Machines with this motor are equipped with a 4-band "automatic", and a 6-speed "mechanics".

But the main novelty is turbocharged1.2-liter engine, the power of which is 125 "horses." It has one feature, and this is the Eco Mode. Due to it, it is possible to reduce the consumption of fuel leaving for the road due to the blocking of certain functions. Also, an indicator appears, with which the GSI transmissions are switched. He visually notifies the person when it is necessary to switch the speed.

renault duster specifications


The main technicalspecifications Renault Duster. "Renault" also has an independent front suspension, the rear are available for choice (multi-link and torsion, semi-independent). All wheels have vented wires.

Here is a brief summary of the "Renault Daster"overview. Characteristics of the equipment - that's about what was not said. In general, only four options are available. The first is Authentique, the second is Expression, there is also Privilege and the top Luxe Privilege. The basic equipment is quite poor - the ABS system, a single airbag, 3-point belts, an immobilizer, a hydraulic booster, 16-inch steel wheels. The Expression version looks more rich: it still has electric windows, remote control, rails, the ability to adjust the speakers, the audio system and customizable front belts.

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