How to choose a headlight on the VAZ 2110


To date, tuning carsis becoming increasingly popular. This is especially true for domestic VAZs. Changing the main headlights on the VAZ 2110, some car owners are thinking about installing fog lamps. Such a thing not only improves the light qualities of an iron friend at night, but also emphasizes its unique design by day. Despite these advantages, not every driver installs fog lights on the VAZ 2110. One of the reasons is the high installation cost.

headlights on VAZ 2110

Often for their connection, service centersrequire drivers to 2-3 thousand rubles. But with certain knowledge, you can install them yourself and save a lot of money. And in order to fog not only quality, but also inexpensive, you need to learn how to choose them correctly. On how to properly choose the main and fog lights, we will tell you in this article.

Which headlights are better on the VAZ 2110

At the moment VAZ cars of the tenth model are equipped with two brands of headlights:

  • Lamps of the domestic brand "Krizach" (their cost is about 2500-2800 rubles).
  • The German manufacturer "Bosch" (the price is slightly lower - from 2200 to 2400 rubles).

what headlights are better on the VAZ 2110

Which of the two brands is better

Dipped beam is the backbone of each headlight. Many car owners use this light on long trips, as it less dazzles the oncoming drivers, and, accordingly, reduces the risk of accidents. The products of the firm "Kirzhach" are equipped with a passing beam lens, and the far-end is supplied with a reflector. The German analog has reflectors in both cases (brightness is greater, but the illumination is the same). The lens has great advantages over the reflector: a clearer light line, the possibility of installing xenon and so on. Judging by the reviews, German lights have a weaker light in the near mode. But the headlights on the VAZ 2110 brand "Bosch" have one plus - for operation in rainy and overcast weather, this brand's lamps provide more accurate lighting than the "Kirzhach". And all because of the larger surface of the reflector under the dipped beam. But you should forget about xenon lenses. In all other respects, the domestic producer wins. Actually, because of this, German products are worth less than domestic production. As you can see, not always imported headlights are better than ours. And, answering the question about which headlight is better, we can advise you to follow the principle: "Russian headlights for a Russian car". Lamps of the brand "Krizach" have more pluses than the foreign "Bosch".

fog lights for VAZ 2110

They installed an expensive headlight, but it does not light anything. What to do?

Some drivers in poor-quality lightingwrite off everything for marriage or fake. But actually it is not. To ensure that the lamps shine as best as possible, the correct choice of the manufacturer is not enough. After installing them, you need to make adjustments. In this case, it is better to trust professionals at maintenance stations. But if you have certain skills, you can do it yourself. No expensive equipment is required for this. Correctly tuned headlights on VAZ 2110 will provide you with a long and trouble-free service.

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