Off-road vehicle "VAZ NIVA 2131"


"VAZ Niva 2131" - what is this car?We can say with confidence that this is the same usual "Niva", only in the long version. Due to the elongation, the engineers have achieved a significant increase in the volume of the trunk, and trips for the rear passengers have become more comfortable. Someone will say, they say, because of this the technical characteristics deteriorate, and the body becomes less durable. Let's see in more detail, what kind of car is this and whether the elongated chassis really spoils its patency?

field 2131

In the 90 years, the Russian car industry neededsimultaneously in a comfortable and spacious car that could overcome any obstacles and at the same time be inexpensive to maintain. Thus, in 1994 the AvtoVAZ company developed a new model of SUV "VAZ 2131". Nothing super-revolutionary engineers in it did not produce. It was a copy of the former "Niva", which had been produced for several years. The only thing that distinguished it - it's an elongated frame.

What's new in the design?

Thanks to this body, the designers were able tomake the rear doors for passengers as large as the front doors. Wheel arches are now located in the back of the trunk, which has significantly increased the free space of the cabin, namely - to make it wider. The rear row of passengers now comfortably seats three people. The volume of the trunk increased to 380 liters. And thanks to the folding seats, its volume increases to 710 liters.

Field 2131 features
Rearview mirrors still remainsmall sizes. Near the shift lever are cup holders (although not very deep, so the glass can be easily overturned). But the rear passengers will do without any cupholders. On the pillars of the body there are two additional lights. Perhaps, these are all significant changes in the design and interior of the newly developed model. As for the driver, they are not so noticeable to him.

"NIVA 2131" - technical specifications

The machine is equipped with a gasoline enginecapacity of 79 horsepower and a volume of 1.7 liters. Such characteristics are a little weak for confident movement on the cross-country terrain (however, the former "Niva" was not particularly distinguished by its sprinter abilities). The engine at high speeds is still "yelling" in the cabin, and its vibrations are felt quite strongly.

"NIWA 2131" - suspension characteristics

Field 2131 Technical characteristics
Suspension of the new items remained the same.A long base and more weight of the SUV have a positive effect on the smoothness of the course. The novelty rides much softer than the shortened version. On pits and potholes is very easy.

Let's sum up

As you can see, the car "Niva 2131"almost the same as his predecessor. Essential changes in the behavior of the Russian SUV, and in its design is practically invisible. Although a little comfort is still added. But you have to sacrifice power. Thanks to the elongation, the design of the car is ideal for family trips to nature. And for the rest of the properties model 2131 is identical to the usual "Niva".

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