How is the anti-corrosion treatment of a car made by oneself and is it worth doing?


Sooner or later, before the car owners get upthe question of how to make anticorrosive treatment of the bottom and the body to its iron friend. But what are the nuances, positive and negative sides in such processing and whether it is worth doing it yourself? In this article, we will answer all these questions and find out how much anticorrosion treatment costs the car.

anticorrosion treatment of a car with your own hands

Can I make it myself or better trust the professionals?

Now almost all modernautomakers initially process the new car still in the assembly stage. However, some owners are trying to further protect their iron friend from the negative impact of rust. As practice shows, anti-corrosion treatment of the car with their own hands is a sure and correct way to a long life of the body. By the way, it's not difficult to do it at all. To do this, you do not need expensive equipment and tools. The more so that handcrafting the bottom of a car or its body allows you to save money on STO.

anticorrosive treatment of cars

How effective is this?

Many people ask: and how long will the metal protect the car's anti-corrosion treatment? With your own hands it's done or on SRT - it does not matter. In any case, your iron horse will be protected from rust for at least the next 2-2,5 years. After this period of operation, the machine will again be vulnerable to corrosion, so this activity should be carried out throughout the life of the car and preferably at an interval of 2 years.

What changes after this process in vehicle design?

Anticorrosive treatment of the carhands does not affect the appearance of the machine at all, if only because it is produced in places inaccessible to the human eye (for example, on the bottom). As for the units themselves, after this process, their work will be the same as before the repair. The engine, suspension, chassis - everything will remain in place and will work as before.

Is it worth doing a new car?

As already mentioned above, this processis carried out on the conveyor. But, unfortunately, some companies neglect processing or produce it not in full. This is especially true of the Volzhsky delivery (VAZ).

underbody processing
Therefore, anti-corrosion treatment of a car,with their own hands made, does not hurt your car, but on the contrary, protect it from rust. And no matter how many times you do this, the question is only in price, because of which some drivers do not want to do such a job. By the way, about the prices.

How much will the anti-corrosion treatment of the car with their own hands cost?

At the moment, the average cost of full protectionbody from rust in the service center - about 5 thousand rubles. And if you do not want to spend that much money every two years, make your own treatment - it costs 10 times cheaper. Thus, you will be able to save a lot of money by protecting your car from corrosion in full for years to come.

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