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For the first time a German carproduction "Turan-Volkswagen" was born in 2003. Since then, according to statistical data, about 1 million 130 thousand such machines were sold. Considering that this model of the Volkswagen concern was so much in demand, it can rightly be called a legend of the German car industry. At the moment in Germany, the second generation of these magnificent minivans is produced. Presented to the public in 2010, the new car "Turan-Volkswagen" gained the same popularity as its predecessor.

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In Russia it is well known to many motorists, andto meet such a car on our streets is quite realistic. So, let's see what updates were made by engineers and designers in the second generation of the minivan "Volkswagen-Turan".

Reviews about appearance

Compared with the first generation, the novelty is noticeablehas changed. And call this update restyling just does not turn the language. In the exterior, almost everything has changed: front and rear bumpers, radiator grille, headlights and even wings - all these details have significantly changed their appearance. From this list of updates a special place is occupied by lighting technology, which has become a real highlight of the new car. The headlights of the head light have now become bi-xenon and have received a proprietary LED backlight. Also worth noting is the option of intelligent control of the brightness of light, depending on the situations that have arisen on the road. But it, unfortunately, is only available in more expensive trim levels. Behind the car "Turan-Volkswagen" also changed. The changes consist in the presence of a new spoiler and a wider glazing of the rear door. The spoiler reduces aerodynamic drag, and the large glass allows the driver to more closely monitor the situation behind the car.

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"Volkswagen Turan" to the European market will beSupplied in eight variations of gasoline and diesel engines. Among the gasoline units it is necessary to allocate a 1.2-liter engine, which develops a capacity of 105 horsepower, and another 1.6-liter engine, the consumption of which does not exceed the level of 4.6 liters per 100 kilometers. On the Russian market, diesel units may not be supplied because of poor fuel quality at our gas stations. By the way, as an alternative, the manufacturer offers another EcoFuel eco-engine, running on natural gas (methane). At the "hundred" such an aggregate consumes only 4.7 kg of gas. All of the above engines can be equipped with a seven-speed box "automatic" or six-speed "mechanics".

Volkswagen Touran reviews


The minimum price for a new minivan"Turan-Volkswagen" in the basic configuration is about 826 thousand rubles. Perhaps this is a little overpriced, but still the German quality is worth it - the car is very reliable and quite economical. In addition, the variety of engines and gearboxes allows the buyer to choose exactly what he needs.

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