The Old Cars Recycling Program has been extended in 2011


Recycling an old car is a process that needs to be done consistently, either on its own, or with the help of specialists who provide such services.

Utilization requires removing the car from the register, evacuating it to the place of delivery and getting the money due for the car sent into the recycling. Thus, the owner can get rid of outdated equipment and a lot of problems with its storage and reports to the tax authorities.

In addition, the disposal of an already unnecessary old machine has a favorable effect on the environment, in which obsolete and damaged parts emit lead, asbestos and acids.

The program of recycling cars older than 10 years has been approved by the Government of Russia led by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.This event is carried out as part of an experiment to encourage car owners to purchase new vehicles instead of those that are out of order and handed over for recycling. In Russia, from 2010, a system was created for the collection and processing of decommissioned vehicles.

Surrender in the scrap of old vehicles was scheduled to be held from March 8 to November 1, 2010. The program for the recycling of old cars in 2011 was extended by the government until the end of this year on the same terms. To finance the second part of the program, an additional 5 billion rubles were allocated.

Initially, the program from the budget was allocated 11 billion rubles.Directly to pay discounts when buying new cars, citizens account for 10 billion. This means that each old car has 50 thousand rubles each. 1 billion is intended for machine sellers: thus the state should reimburse them for the costs of delivering the old cars to the disposal points. Funds for these purposes are transferred monthly to the accounts of dealers. Another 50 million are to cover the costs, which will require an experiment. The program for the recycling of old cars in 2011 continues under the same conditions.

Under the 2010 program, the bonuses wereget the first 199 thousand car owners who will take part in it. This figure was about 14% of sales in 2010 (1.47 million new cars). According to statistics, 19.6 million passenger cars, aged over 10 years, fall under the program. This is about 57% of the Russian park. Therefore, the program of recycling of old cars in 2011 was extended to cover more owners of old cars.

Action Plan for Program Implementation is posted on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.It contains samples of certificates of disposal and contracts, which are taken off the machine and stored before disposal. The contracts prescribe the options for exchanging old cars for new ones. The choice is offered about 60 models, which include foreign cars produced in Russia.

All documents must be processed within 3-5 days, provided that the transfer to the scrap and the purchase of new transport will be made in one region.

Car recycling conditions:

- the authorized weight is not more than 3.5 tons;

- age over 10 years (year of production - 1999 and older);

- Ownership of the last car owner at least a year.

Recycling of old cars in 2011 is carried out in respect of machines that meet the following requirements:

- the body and the chassis must not be destroyed;

- there must be so-called interior elements of the interior;

- engine with a hinged, wheels, technically fluid, battery, exhaust system, the glass should be part of the delivered vehicle.

To participate in the program you need to bring the car to the dealer center,pay 3 thousand rubles for the services of the processing point and leave the car by proxy. If the old car is not on the move, you need to pay for additional transportation services. In the dealer center the car is taken off the register in the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, then it is transported to the disposal site. Based on the issued document with the marks of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate and the disposal point, the owner of the leased car can purchase a new car at a discount of 50 thousand rubles. The program of recycling of old cars 2011 is successfully continuing.

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