Oil "Shell Helix 10W-40" semisynthetics: reviews, specs, performance


Engine oil is responsible for the quality of the wholesystem. If you make a mistake during the selection process, the inappropriate composition will not only not have a positive effect on the mechanisms, but it can also destroy them. Therefore, each owner of the vehicle seeks to acquire the highest quality products from well-known brands.

One of the popular compositions is oil "Shell Helix 10W-40" (semisynthetic). Reviews about this tool can be found in various sources. Experienced motorists, mechanics and technologists will help to understand whether it is worth pouring a similar product into the system of your car.

general characteristics

Characteristics of the engine oil "Shell Helix 10W-40" indicate a decent qualityrepresented product. This is one of the most common series for cars. The agent is produced on a semi-synthetic basis. This significantly reduces the price of products.

Oil Shell Helix 10w40 semi-synthetic reviews

Due to the special processing of the raw materials,Shell Helix lubricants are of high purity. This positively affects the performance of the product. Acceptable cost of oil and high performance characteristics make it in demand today.

The composition of the oil includes unique components. Thanks to this approach to production, Shell guarantees reliable protection against damage and abrasion of parts. According to the manufacturer, their lubricants are capable of servicing engine systems better than competing compounds.


In the presented category of lubricantsincludes only 3 funds. This is XH7, XH6, Plus. Each of them has small differences. Technology does not stand still. Shell constantly develops new formulas, improves existing compositions of its oils.

Engine Oil Shell Helix 10w40 Specifications

These funds are semi-synthetic consumables. In different packagings, the oil "Shell Helix 10W-40" (semisynthetic). Price 1 liter is 260 rubles. For a can of 4 liters you will need to pay 950-1150 rubles.

The Shell Helix XH6 series costs a little more. 4 l of lubricant can be purchased for 1500-1600 rubles. Series Plus can be purchased for 1350-1550 rubles. for 4 liters. This is the average cost. Therefore, the semi-synthetic Shell is in demand today.

The basis of the oil

Oils for cars, as you know, canconsist of mineral or synthetic components. In the first case, the compositions obtained during oil refining are used. This is less fluid for the motor. This oil must be changed frequently. It is intended for old-style motors.

Motor Oil Shell Helix 10w40

Synthetics is made entirely ofartificial substances. It is a fluid, effective tool that is used in engines of a new design. The cost of synthetics is higher than that of mineral oils. For comparison, the popular oil "Shell Helix Ultra 10W-40", which refers to this group of compounds, will cost the buyer in 2150-2250 rubles. for 4 liters.

When combining mineral and syntheticcomponents is semisynthetic. It has the qualities of both its components. Such tools are used almost everywhere. When choosing a product, it is necessary to take into consideration the manufacturer's recommendations.

Viscosity class

Present oils have certainviscosity indexes. This tool can be used on most of the territory of our country. The composition, which is classified as SAE 10W-40, is operated at a temperature of -20 to +35 ºС. In this case, the means can provide high-quality protection of the motor parts.

Oil Shell Helix 10w40 semisynthetic price

If in the region lower temperatures are observed in winter, it is necessary to choose a different viscosity class of the oil. For example, for the coldest regions of the Russian Federation, it is recommended to purchase Shell Helix 0W40. This oil does not freeze even at -35 ° C.

In the heat, too fluid grease just drains offmetal surfaces. Its layer is thinned out. There may be ruptures of the oil film. Therefore, the viscosity must be high enough that in the heat and under increased loads, the rubbing parts get a good glide.

Differences of the presented compositions

As already mentioned, to engine oil "Shell Helix 10W-40" Semisynthetic series refers to only 3 types of lubricants. Each of them has its own distinctive features.

Shell Helix synthetics

The XH7 series is manufactured using a specialtechnologies. The composition includes a certain list of additives, which provides special protection for passenger cars from premature destruction. The means has been approved for use in engines "Fiat", "Renault", "Volkswagen".

The XH6 series received a new additive composition. Thanks to them, the oil has improved characteristics. However, it can not be mixed with other analog compounds. The XH6 solution is approved for the application of BMW, Audi, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes, Volkswagen.

The Plus series is designed for a wide range of motor designs.

XH7 oil

Characteristics of the engine oil "Shell Helix 10W-40" series XH7 talk about the possibility of its filling inpetrol and diesel engines with fuel injection, gas recirculation, and catalytic converter. Also, the present tool is used in turbo-charged and intercooled engines.

Oil Shell Helix Ultra 10w40

XH7 oil effectively removes variouspollution from metal surfaces, fights with traces of oxidation. Due to its unique composition, the product can be used for a long time without requiring replacement. It effectively fights corrosion traces, prevents mechanical damage.

When using this substance, the consumption of gasolineor diesel fuel is markedly reduced. Even with increased loads, this compound provides high protection of engine systems. The motor runs quieter, more stable.

XH6 Oil

If we consider the qualities inherent in Synthetics Shell Helix, it becomes clear that its basis contributes toquality protection of the engine against adverse effects. Semisynthetic has some features of mineral oil. To improve the quality of these compounds, Shell adds a special list of additives to the base oil.

Shell Helix 0w40

In the lubricant XH6 components are special. They have high detergent, dispersant, antifrictional qualities. However, due to their special formula, the present agent should not be mixed with other oils. Foreign additives, coming into contact with the components of XH6, can cause an unpredictable reaction.

To ensure the stable operation of the motor after pouring the presented product into the crankcase, it is necessary to thoroughly flush the system before it. In this case, the function of the lubricant will be complete.

Oil Plus

The Plus series is one of the bestamong the oils "Shell Helix 10W-40" (semisynthetic). Experts' testimonies testify that it is allowed to be used in various designs and models of motors.

Presented oil is suitable for engines withturbocharged. Also a similar tool is used in designs with a large number of valves. In the injector engines, which operate on gasoline, the present agent is also used. In addition to the listed types of oil series Plus, it is allowed to fill in diesel and gasoline engines.

Under such conditions, the oil fulfills thefunction fully. It ensures good sliding of moving elements, quickly reaching all parts of the nodes and mechanisms. High-quality protection is performed even under high loads and unfavorable environmental conditions.

How to distinguish a fake?

In some cases, users leavenegative feedback on the presented oils. This is due to the acquisition of a fake. A poor-quality composition, which is made by unscrupulous manufacturers, can damage the motor system. It will need to be repaired or completely replaced. To avoid this, it is necessary to find out, How to distinguish a forgery from Shell Helix.

Each series is produced in a canister of a certaincolors. So, the XH6 series is presented in yellow containers, XH7 - in blue-green canisters. Semisynthetic oils Plus are produced in cans of gray or graphite color (the shade may be darker or lighter). If the color of the canister is different, this is definitely a fake. In no case should such a device be poured into the crankcase of the engine of its vehicle.

Also it is necessary to pay attention to the presence ofShell PurePlus Technology logo. To forge such a sticker is hard enough. Therefore, it is not on fake compositions. Mirror sticker says the originality of the composition.

In order not to become a victim of deception, it is necessary to purchase lubricants from trusted suppliers. They necessarily have all the necessary documentation, quality certificates for all products.

Customer Reviews

Reviews about oil "Shell Helix 10W-40" (semisynthetic) mostly positive. 80% of users note the high performance of the product. Negative feedback is associated with the purchase of a counterfeit or the wrong choice of oil.

Experts strongly advise before buyingoil compositions it is necessary to study the manufacturer's instructions. It clearly indicates the characteristics that service facilities should have. If the wrong choice is made, the engine may be damaged.

Drivers say that when using Hel Helix, the engine starts to run quieter. The level of vibrations decreases. The engine runs at full power, gaining speed faster.

The system is kept clean. In severe frost, the start of the motor is easy. This is a quality tool. His popularity today remains unchanged at a high level.

Having considered the features oils "Shell Helix 10W-40" (semisynthetic), reviews about him experts and experienced drivers, you cannote the high quality of the product. Lubricants fully comply with high requirements and standards, reliably protect the motor from adverse effects.

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