Mud Rubber: Features of Operation


If you are a happy owner of an SUV, thenThe question of choosing tires is especially acute. It is from him will depend on the capabilities of your car in difficult and even extreme situations in off-road conditions. Summer sometimes, many people go to nature and usually all picnics finish safely. However, sometimes the car completely bogs down in a dense layer of dirt. That's where the mud rubber comes to the rescue.

Mud Rubber

Motorists who have just purchaseda vehicle of this class, believe that the large ground clearance and large dimensions of the car make its patency undeniable. Nevertheless, one should not confuse asphalt rubber with more specific directions, such as mud tires for SUVs. Asphalt tires can get bogged down in a relatively small puddle. But the mud rubber with ease will overcome even complex obstacles.

At a time when the car owner understands,how important and useful is the installed mud mud, there comes a difficult period of choosing new tires that best meet the demands and requirements.

Mud Rubber for SUVs

Currently, many different forumsthere are discussions about which rubber is most preferable. Approximately 65% ​​of all motorists caught up in this situation will prefer to choose new tires, however, the remaining ones consider it more profitable to buy already visited tires. In order for the mud rubber to be properly evaluated, it is necessary to consider some basic parameters:

1. The cost. The number of SUVs is steadily increasing, therefore, the choice of all kinds of tires has become much wider. However, with the increase in the assortment, the risk of buying a poor-quality product has greatly increased. So, only mud tires from well-known manufacturers will last long and reliably.

2. Chemical composition of rubber. High-quality goods provide optimal grip with the road, thanks to the greater elasticity of the model in motion. Slightly lowered mud rubber also positively affects the car's patency, as the contact patch increases, which means that the geometry of the wheel slightly changes.

3. Value for money. The cost of the original tires is significantly different from fakes. The difference can reach 60%!

Mud Rubber

4. When buying, you must also remember the specialization of tires. This indicator can be determined by two main characteristics:

  • Load
  • Speed

5. Owners of the so-called parket cars should pay attention to the index of the speed index, however, it can be ignored if there is a large SUV in your garage.

6. Noise of tires. The lower it is, the more comfortable the trip.

Engaging in the selection of tires for your car,it is necessary first of all to determine the approximate operating conditions. Of course, it is impossible to predict the purpose and conditions of the trip in advance. But if you live in the city, then there is no point in buying mud tires. It's provided, of course, that you're not going to check out your car for endurance every weekend.

There are all-terrain tires. They have a deep protector and "keep" the car both on the asphalt and in off-road conditions. This fact is also useful to know!

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