Design and technical characteristics of Volkswagen Polo


For the first time the well-known German concern presentedpublic of his new "Volkswagen Polo" 5 generation in 2009 year. The debut took place at the international Geneva auto show. Despite the fact that the car is produced in serial production for only 3 years, in this short time he managed to win prizes. At the moment "Volkswagen Polo" is considered the best car of 2010 and the best imported car in Japan-2011. But that is not all. The novel immediately after its debut gained the status of the best car in Europe. Such awards will clearly attract attention and intrigue even the most demanding buyer. We, too, did not remain indifferent to this, so today's review will be dedicated to this brand and will consider all its characteristics.

technical specification Volkswagen polo

"Volkswagen Polo" and its external appearance

In general, if you compare the car with otherscars "Volkswagen", you can find much in common between "Polo" and his fellow "Golf". The reason for this is again the corporate design. But this time the designers did not dare to go to the experiment and made the exterior of the novelty in the classical style. Front design of the "classics" is complemented by "squinted" headlights of the main light and a narrow grille, under which the new bumper with a different shape of the air intake harmoniously completes.

Moving away from modesty, the developers decided to injectmachine of some aggressiveness from the sides, making its wheel arches more bloated. Sportiness is achieved due to relief doors and powerful rear racks. But the rear view again becomes more modest - the rear brake lights together with the bumper make the car more glamorous.

new Volkswagen polo

Technical specification «Volkswagen Polo»

Under the hood, the machine can accommodate one of thefour petrol engines. I just want to note that the technical specification of Volkswagen Polo with the first two units is very, very weak. Of course, motors of 60 and 70 horsepower with a single working volume of 1.2 liters are unlikely to accelerate the car to 200 kilometers per hour. More attention should be paid to the following two motors, which the Germans created specifically for the 5th generation subcompact. Among them, a turbocharged engine with 85 horsepower and 1.4 liters capacity, which develops a hundred in less than 12 seconds. What is acceptable for this engine, so it's fuel consumption - the city spends no more than 8 liters per 100 km on the city.

characteristics Volkswagen polo

Technical specification "Volkswagen Polo" with105-strong unit deserves special attention. A car with such a motor picks up a "hundred" in 9.5 seconds, while the peak of maximum speed lags at a mark of 190 kilometers per hour. By the way, according to car owners, in reality the car can go and 200, so with the dynamics of the "Volkswagen Polo" everything is fine. And this engine consumes no more than 7 liters of gasoline in the city. On the road, the car spends less than 1 liter of fuel.

Given the sportiness of the novelty and the famous German build quality, we can say that the price of 500 thousand rubles for the "base" - is fully justified.

As you can see, the design and technical characteristics of Volkswagen Polo really deserve many awards!

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