"Bogdan 2110" - a national car from Ukraine


Bogdan Corporation manufactures conventional and commercial cars, trucks, buses and trolleybuses.

Bogdan 2110
The plant on the basis of the 10th family LADA collects two updated versions of the car "Bogdan 2110" - 21101 and 21104. The car is a five-seated sedan with four doors.

The basic model has been changed:modernized lighting fixtures, radiator grilles and bumpers, windscreen, rear window and rear side windows are mounted on glue, galvanized steel is used for the bodywork, and when using it, a special cataphoretic primer is used, which increases the resistance to corrosion.

The use of cataphoretic soil in 1996 at AvtoVAZ made it possible to increase the resistance of the metal in salt fog from 225 to 1500 hours, that is, almost seven times.

On the version of "Bogdan 2110" the equipment was updated -the instrument panel is improved, the on-board computer is installed, which makes it possible to control fuel consumption, temperature in the cabin and outdoors.

Bogdan 2110 equipment
There are 6 models of "Bogdan 2110" (sedan).This is 21101-81; 21104-81, -84U, -84UE, -88U, -88UE. All models are as follows. The engine capacity of 1.596 liters, power 87.8 hp. (the engine consumes 7.5 liters of fuel in the city, a little more than 6 liters in the city), 175 / 65R14 tires, a five-speed manual gearbox, an on-board computer, a central lock. Up to 100 km / h the car manages to accelerate in 13 seconds. Front doors are equipped with electric windows. The height of the steering column is regulated, immobilizer, rear fog lights with hydro-corrector are installed. The backlight of the dashboard is also adjustable. The driver's, passenger's and trunk seats that are opened from the passenger compartment are highlighted. There is a heated rear window. An ashtray, an additional stop signal, five seat belts, a rear armrest and headrests of the rear sofa, audio preparation are installed. Bumpers painted in body color.

When equipped in the "standard" version, the car"Bogdan 2110" has the following characteristics: adjustable steering column, central locking, power windows, rear fog lights, rear window heater, audio preparation, glass tinting in the factory (anti-reflective coating on the rear window), the trunk opens from the passenger compartment.

 VAZ 2110 Bogdan reviews
In the models 21101-81 and -21104-82 the bumper is classic, in the rest - the bumper of the Bogdan plant.

The models 21104-88U and -88UE are equipped with air conditioners, and for 21104-84UE and -88UE - electrically heated seats.

Models 21104 -84U, -84UE, -88U, -88UE are provided with electric power steering, and cast wheels are not only model 21101-81.

For cars "Bogdan 2110" for a fee are offered front fog lights, light discs, electric power steering.

About the car VAZ 2110 "Bogdan" reviews are different: both negative and positive.

The main consumer opinion:the car is quite consistent with the price, and the price is gradually increasing along with the quality of the assembly. But here the influence of the human factor is great. It depends on it the final quality of the car as a whole. Probably, that's why the reviews are so different! Although this situation is typical for most cars!

The choice is yours! But, in any case, this car is worthy of attention! Moreover, the price of it is quite adequate.

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