Tuning "Rolls-Royce" will help change the appearance of the car


At the factories for the production of automobiles from the conveyors, machines of the same type descend.

But now many people want to changeappearance and design of a personal car. The purpose of this is the difference among all other car owners, getting more pleasure from driving the car, more convenience when using auto. All this can be helped by car tuning.

What is tuning?

The very word "tuning" means "adjustment,setting. " There are many proposals for such services. Can be external and internal. This and the addition of decorative body kits, overlays, and the absolute alteration of the engine, and changing the suspension, and toning of the glass, and other manipulations with your pet. In a word, this addition is an accessory not provided for by the factory assembly.

There are special companies engaged in the release of accessories for tuning for a particular model of the car.

Tuning Rolls Royce

For example, the tuner company "Spoekek" is engaged inthe development of the body kit. Internal tuning "Rolls-Royce Wraith", for example, allows you to increase power, which will reduce the acceleration time, and the maximum speed will remain unchanged. Of course, innovations will appeal to potential buyers.

Also with the help of a wide range of interiorrefinements can be carried out external tuning "Rolls-Royce Wraith". Thanks to the new body kit, the car is 13 cm wider at the rear. A big effect is attached to the 22-inch rims.

Another British company offered its own version of the development, which can completely change the tuning of the Rolls-Royce.

According to these developments, anyone canpurchase a car for a personal project, including the dimensions and forms of cars. That is, each new car will be produced in a unique form. Tuning "Rolls-Royce" involves assembling the car manually, environmentally friendly, that is, absolutely without emissions.

Development of tuning "Rolls-Royce Phantom"

At the moment, work isby car "Rolls-Royce Phantom". Tuning it involves modifying the front with a radiator grille. On the doors there are external mirrors. The rear doors are more elongated, the rear seats are more spacious than the other Rolls-Royce prototypes.

Rolls Royce Tuning Photo

All the details of this development are kept secret.But it is known that the spatial frame of the model will be aluminum. The weight of the car will decrease, and the ride will become more comfortable and soft. This is facilitated, of course, by the developed changes in the Rolls-Royce (tuning) car. The photo of this model is still classified. On the Internet you can find only spy photos.

Developments of the company "Mansori"

Famous German company "Mansori"is developing a new tuning for the Rolls-Royce Wraith specifically for the Frankfurt Motor Show. As a result, it turned out a car with a beautiful appearance and enormous power. The interior of the car with the original backlight has become more comfortable and bright. The hood of the vehicle is carbon fiber, the splitter is carbon fiber.

Rolls Royce Phantom Tuning
There are a lot of ideas on changing the type of "Rolls-Royce".Designers try to meet each buyer and pick up what they want. Engineers construct doors, windows, trunk under the personal demand of the buyer. Someone wants to make a special compartment in the trunk for picnic kits, someone for jewelry. Someone creates an unusual starry sky with constellations inside the car.

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