How is the replacement of the clutch by the hands made on the VAZ-2110?


Such a thing as cohesion plays an important rolein the work of the checkpoint of each car. After all, it is the link between the engine and the gearbox. The clutch assumes all the loads that occur when torque is transmitted from the ICE to the transmission. In this regard, this element has the property of rapidly failing. When worn, this part requires an immediate replacement. And today we will consider how the VAZ-2110 car is replaced with clutch replacement.

How to identify a malfunction?

The most likely symptoms, which indicate the worn-out adhesion:

  • Engine power is lost.
  • Turning gears with slippage or a characteristic crunch or jerk. Also, you can see the difference in the efforts applied for this (you need to push the lever even harder).
  • Spontaneous shutdown (knocking out) gear. This can happen both with the first, and with the fifth speed.
  • Vibration when the pedal is depressed before switching speeds.
    VAZ 2110 replacement of coupling

What do you need to have for a successful replacement?

To use a VAZ-2110 car, replace the clutchpassed successfully and quickly, you do not need to be a professional mechanic and acquire expensive tools. All you need for this is a jack, mounting, as well as a set of locks and socket wrench. With all this set of tools, the clutch disc is replaced.

VAZ-2110 - dismantling the parts

So, let's get to work. First, unscrew the fixing bolts of the left wheel, and then jack up the front of the "dozens" and put the back of the support. Next, remove the wheel and unscrew the mounting bolts of the ball joint. Open the hood, remove the negative terminal from the battery and remove the mass air flow sensor. For this it is necessary to loosen the clamp of the fixing of the corrugation. We get the air filter.

Next, remove the clutch cable from the fork. We unscrew nuts of fastening of the first element to a скобе on a transmission.

By the way, if you need a replacement clutch cable, the VAZ-2110 can signal you about this "hanging" in the floor pedal during the switching speeds.

Unscrew the bolt connecting the starter andtransmission. Take out the screw I securing the gearbox. In the same way we proceed with the II bolt. Let's release a nut and the top bolt of fastening of a starter and we take out a socket from the gauge of speed. After this, you can unscrew the speedometer cable. Next, take out in pairs with the lever longitudinal stretching and unscrew the lower bolt fastening the starter. In turn, the third screw of the checkpoint - we also extract it. Next, we find another nut (it is in the region of the right hinge of equal angular velocities). We also take it out.

replacement of the clutch fork VAZ 2110

After that, unscrew the 2 fixing boltsreactive thrust. We unscrew a nut on a yoke of draft of a drive of management of a check point. That's not all. Next, take out the reactive thrust from the gearbox, put the stop under the engine and unscrew the bolts securing the rear cushions. Now we remove the transmission from the engine and gently lower it to the floor. It must hang on the semiaxes.

Now we look and estimate the degree of wear of the disk. At the same time it is recommended to check the clutch release bearing and, if possible, also to change it. Sometimes a car needs to be replaced. But this must be done only if the petals are in poor condition. Everything, on VAZ-2110, the clutch replacement was successful. Further assembly is in the reverse order. By the way, motorists recommend to diagnose the clutch every 80 thousand kilometers. Therefore, in order to avoid such troubles and possible malfunctions, it is better to determine the PPC in advance and to eliminate the breakdown.

Replacing the clutch fork

VAZ-2110 in this case, too, is subjected to the dismantling of the checkpoint. First remove the squeeze bearing.

replacing clutch disc VAZ 2110
Then carefully remove it from the fork leverdisengage the clutch and replace the worn rubber cover. Using pliers, squeeze the latch petals inside and, using a screwdriver from the outside, remove the plastic axle sleeve. Raise the fork and withdraw its axis from the bushing. The last detail is also dismantled. Remove the spring clip from the fork.

What to do next?

If the lever or fork feet are worn outplace of contact with the coupling, the plug must be replaced. A worn piece is then dismantled, and then a new one is pressed into its place, and to the stop. Before installing the part, the plastic and metal bushing should be treated with grease. Then the device is installed in the reverse order similar to the removal. Note that the protrusion on the plastic bush must fit exactly into the groove on the clutch housing, and the petals - securely fix the installed part, preventing it from falling out.

replacement of the clutch cable VAZ 2110

So, we found out how the VAZ-2110 is replacing the clutch with our own hands. Knowing these rules, you will no longer need expensive services of service centers.

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