Sound insulation of the cabin with your own hands


We all love comfort.Moreover, he eventually started to follow us, and even public transport now boasts an amazing smoothness of pace, speed and silence. We get used to and start not to endure noise, shaking, vibration. When the first car was invented, Henry Ford planned it exclusively as a vehicle, that is, it only needed to get from one point to another. Then no one even thought about comfort.

interior noise isolation

Now the appointment of cars leftformerly, only the requirements for silence and smoothness of the course have seriously increased. In order to increase them, the noise isolation of the cabin was invented. It's hard to say which company first applied it, because all brands developed approximately the same way. They tried to refine the engine, gearbox, suspension, but nothing creates silence like noise insulation of the cabin. The matter is that in traditional cars the power unit is located directly in front, in front of the salon, which transmits noise from it. So, the partition separating the salon from the engine compartment, began to get rid of thick material, at first it was a simple cloth on a wadded base.

soundproofing installation

Then the noise isolation of the salon began to representa special fiber that absorbed vibrations and noise due to its softness. And the latter, as is known, is a consequence of the first. Then the manufacturers thought: "And why the noise insulation of the cabin can not be located beyond it?" After that, the anti-corrosion coating was made on the basis of mastic, which does not harden at all. It conceals quite a lot of noise from the outside, everything else stays in the inner part.

She also underwent a serious evolution.Now it is called vibroshumohydro isolation. From such an intricate name it is not difficult to guess that it consists of several layers, each of which has its own purpose. In addition, the "spectrum" of repayment has also changed. Now even the strongest blows in the bottom of the car for the driver will be barely audible, but all this is available only for new cars.

cost of sound insulation

And what to do if the manufacturer is deprivedyour iron horse with such a "luxury". The answer is simple - installation of noise isolation will help. As a rule, such a service is included in the list of almost all car-care centers, it is only necessary to decide who should entrust such an important job. Here, preference is given to companies that specialize exclusively in noise insulation. Then there will be no problems with the search for material, and the cut and planting will be reliable and accurate, and therefore - quality. The cost of noise insulation, as a rule, varies from 7 to 15 thousand rubles. This is a small payment for the comfort that it is able to provide. A lot of modern cars have nothing to reproach, except for the noise in the cabin, so, after such an operation, they will not have any shortcomings, and trips to them will be more fun than before. This is expensive, when a trip to work turns into a pleasure from the ride. Of course, the roads, traffic jams on them and other unpleasant moments - this is another conversation, but on the track because they are not.

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