Sound insulation of doors: inexpensive and efficient


Even if you only occasionally sit behind the wheelcar, the issue of comfort in the cabin can not be left out. It has already been proved that the noise insulation of doors and the interior of the car as a whole has a beneficial effect on the health of the driver: fatigue is reduced, and attention is increased. The noise level does not just have to fit into the norms. A comfort zone automatically implies at least a relative silence. How to turn a car salon into a comfortable and cozy space?

Where does the noise come from and how to remove it?

sound insulation of doors
The work of all the nodes of the car one way or anotheris accompanied not only by noise, but also by vibration, which can cause resonance of all surfaces to which vibrations are transmitted. So there is additional noise, which can be amplified because of the errors of streamlining.

Initial actions aimed at reducingnoise level in the cabin, should relate to technical methods. Carefully adjusted engine, complete serviceability of the car, proper installation of the audio system - all this reduces and partially eliminates various noises even before the work. Sound insulation of doors significantly improves the smoothness of opening and closing, also increases the thermal insulation, which is important when the heater or air conditioner in the cabin. You can order an appropriate upgrade at a maintenance station, but there is an opportunity to manage on your own.

Effective noise insulation of doors with your own hands

door sound insulation
To bring the car doors into the right one for youthe condition must be stocked with special materials. Vibroplastic and sound absorber, as well as special glue and means for preliminary preparation of surfaces will be required. The noise insulation of the doors begins with the removal of the inner skin. Take advantage of the case and put in order the mechanisms hidden in the body of the door, if necessary. All dirt is eliminated with rags impregnated with white spirit: you wash dust, dirt and degrease the surface.

Vibrodempfer (vibroplast) is a material thatAbsorbs and quenches the vibration that causes noise. It should be noted that in places of sizing the ability of a material to absorb vibration is somewhat reduced, but this is normal.

car soundproofing
The outer layer of the case is glueddoors from the inside, at the same time, care should be taken to avoid accidentally opening the drainage and ventilation openings. The inner skin is also pasted with a vibroplast. After that, all surfaces are glued with a silencer, and the inner skin is put in place.

How much does the noise insulation of doors cost?

Depending on the high cost of materials andthe chosen method - independently or on SRT - the cost will be from three to ten thousand rubles. In this case, you must take into account the starting characteristics of your car. If incidentally requires a small repair, strengthening pens and glass lifts, then the price may be higher than you expected. However, independent noise isolation of car doors is possible only if you are confident in your own abilities, because it is not enough to dismantle and glue the doors - you need to collect them correctly.

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