Inexpensive SUV - a myth or a reality?


Not so long ago the concept of "SUV" in no wayIt was not associated with the adjective "inexpensive". However, in the face of tough competition for the customer, manufacturers are forced from year to year to resort to methods, a way to reduce the cost of the final product, and therefore, to win competition.

Inexpensive SUV
Often, such measures are taken at the expense of qualitycar, sometimes - it turns out quite a compromise options (such a golden mean). What is it, a modern inexpensive SUV, waiting for its success or is this segment doomed to failure? To understand this almost rhetorical question, let us consider a few concrete examples.

Renault Duster

Relatively inexpensive SUV, and, perhaps,one of the most attractive cars in its class. It is produced in 2010, it comes with engines: gasoline, diesel, gas-petrol. Transmission options: 5-speed and 6-speed mechanics, 4-speed automatic. Drive: all-wheel drive or only front-wheel drive. Perhaps the Renault Duster does not look as intimidating as its more powerful counterparts, but due to the Romanian-French manufacturer it is necessary to give - elegant lines, solid appearance and technical characteristics, and also a fairly rich package - all this makes the car a leader in demand in its price category . In addition, the Duster has a solid ground clearance, which in combination with a full drive and a relatively low mass gives additional trump cards when driving off-road. Interior trim materials are not chosen the most expensive, which, however, is fully understandable. The interior itself is spacious and practical, the same applies to the trunk. The price of the car is about 16,5 thousand USD.

Cheapest SUV
Chery Tiggo

Perhaps the most inexpensive SUV of all,which are worth paying attention to. Everyone knows about the love of the Chinese for copying. It seems that Chery Tiggo is another copy of the nearest Japanese "colleague", but the copy is more or less qualitative. This concerns not only the appearance, the interior and the "filling" also imitate the analogue from Toyota. Among the shortcomings can be identified a small, as for such a car, the trunk and a tight back seat - the three of us sitting here will be clearly uncomfortable. Well, safety, of course, is one common scourge for all Chinese cars. To accelerate to more than 130 km in this car do not want to subconsciously. For Tiggo, there are 4 types of engines, front or all-wheel drive, transmission - robot or mechanic. In general, the impression of the car is not bad. Chery Tiggo - inexpensive SUV, which fully justifies its price - from 15 thousand USD.

Inexpensive reliable SUV
Chevrolet Niva

A very popular car on domesticroads. Inexpensive reliable SUV, without any significant "bells and whistles", but without serious complaints. High ground clearance (200 mm.), Short overhangs and a small mass of the Niva allow it to successfully fight off-road, which in our country is really relevant. The engine on the Chevrolet Niva petrol (1.7 liters, 80 hp). Of the disadvantages, we do not distinguish the highest quality of the assembly, in this connection, noise and rattling may appear during the ride.

So, returning to the question at the beginning of the article,it is possible to draw quite a puzzling conclusion - it is expedient to purchase an inexpensive SUV only if it is necessary to use it for its intended purpose, i.e. for driving on bad roads.

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