The design and the device of a clutch of the compressor of the conditioner of the car


To date, there are air-conditioners inpremises, and in cars. Both systems have a similar design and operating principle. One of these common parts is just the air conditioning compressor clutch. "Nissan", "Renault" and even VAZs, equipped with air conditioning systems, have this element in their design.

air conditioning compressor clutch

As is known, each device providingair cooling, has a special compressor. It is needed to compress the gaseous refrigerant, which provides a cold air flow. No modern compressor can do without a coupling that disconnects it from the drive pulley. How does it work?

Air conditioning compressor clutches are usedconstantly, including when you turn off the entire system. Remarkably, the earliest copies of these details looked like a solenoid. The latter was interconnected with the drive pulley of the compressor, so the part repeated its movements. Modern devices differ significantly from their ancestors. At this time, all air conditioning compressor clutches are stationary, and can be located just before the mechanism itself.

replacement of air conditioning compressor clutch

The principle of operation of this device ispower supply to the solenoid, after which a magnetic field is formed in the system, and the disk is pressed against the driving pulley. For this reason, the clutch of the air conditioning compressor is often called electromagnetic. Also worth noting that the operation of this device takes from the car about 5-10 horsepower power, which, of course, is displayed on the dynamics of acceleration and economy. Recently, cars have begun to install air conditioning compressor clutches, which require the use of special types of grease. This is due to the special design and more refined operation principle.

How to understand that the car needs a replacement couplingair conditioning compressor? This mechanism is an important detail in the air conditioning system, so it needs to pay special attention. Among the main features is to highlight the noise of the mechanism when the system is turned on / off. Another important detail is the gap on the electromagnetic clutch. If you do not adjust it correctly, it can lead to slipping or even failure of the pulley. After the pulley, the coupling itself will break.

air conditioning compressor clutch nissan

Another sign of the replacement of this part iswear slot mechanism. Usually he wears out naturally. If this part becomes unusable, the air conditioning compressor clutch should be replaced completely. Of course, you can make repairs, but the cost of these works is not much greater than the price of the new part. Therefore, almost no one is repairing this device. After buying a new air conditioning compressor clutch, you will not only save your time, but you will be sure of its serviceability. It is not uncommon for a repaired part to fail again after a few weeks.

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