Overview of the new Tuareg Volkswagen


Famous German crossover "Tuareg Volkswagen"was first born in 2002. The creation of the new "Tuareg" model was a new step for the developers in the development history of the concern, as this model was very popular not only at home but far beyond its borders (not only in the CIS countries). For 8 years of existence the first generation of off-road cars practically did not change in appearance and even in technical characteristics. But according to the modern requirements of the European market, each model should be updated at least once every 6 years. On this occasion in 2010, the concern showed the public a new, second generation of the legendary crossovers "Tuareg Volkswagen". The 2013 year has also become a landmark for the "German", but this year the novelty has not changed outwardly, so today we will consider the SUV 2011 model line debuting in the spring of 2010.

Tuareg Volkswagen


The external appearance of the new crossover was reminiscent of itsfans of a unified corporate style "Volkswagen", thanks to which the car somewhat resembled its younger brothers - the model "Golf" and "Polo". But, despite this, confusing the novelty with a car is quite difficult, but thanks to the well-coordinated work of designers led by Walter de Silva. Unlike its predecessor, the updated SUV acquired a new headlight unit, a new bumper and a form of a false radiator grille. All this in general gave the novelty more slenderness, slenderness and athleticism. Also, the car achieved such characteristics due to the increased dimensions of the body - in the length it grew by 41 millimeters, in height it was added another 12 millimeters, and in width the novelty became thicker by 38 millimeters. At the same time, the design of the car remained quite recognizable.


Tuareg Volkswagen 2013

The interior of the novelty has survived, though unobtrusive, butvery important changes. The interior of the Tuareg Volkswagen looks more luxurious and solid, and the changes are clearly visible in ergonomics and improved quality of finishing materials. By the way, thanks to small changes in dimensions, the interior of the car became even more spacious, and the volume of the trunk increased to a mark of 580 liters.

Technical characteristics of Tuareg Volkswagen

Volkswagen Tuareg Diesel

For buyers, the manufacturer has providedthe creation of a completely new line of engines. Now, those who wish can purchase both gasoline and diesel variants. Opens the line of 280-horsepower gasoline unit, the working volume of which is 3.6 liters. This ends the line of injector motors (the company mainly focused on the development of diesel units). With regard to heavy fuel engines, the customer can purchase one of the 3 options for a choice of 240, 340 and 380 horsepower units and a working capacity of 3.0, 3.6 and 4.2 liters, respectively.


The minimum price for a new generation of Germanoff-road vehicles in 2013 is about 1 million 900 thousand rubles. For this price, the buyer can only buy a crossover with a gasoline engine. "Volkswagen Tuareg" diesel is slightly higher, its price can reach a mark of 3 million rubles (top-end equipment).

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