Car noise isolation


Noise is perhaps the most serioussource of irritation in the car. In addition, that unnecessary sounds lead to fatigue, the appearance of headaches, they also distract the attention of the motorist, which can cause quite serious traffic accidents. That's why experts and experienced car owners recommend to improve the noise-insulation characteristics of the car.

You can solve the problem with noise in two ways: Firstly, there are workshops in which you will be happy to help, and, secondly, you can solve this problem yourself, because the noise insulation of the car with your own hands is not an impossible task.

Having made a decision to protect ourselves from noise,you have to decide how much money is ready to give for this or that type of work and how serious the noise insulation should be. In this case it is advisable to consult with experts in advance who will tell you which elements are best to be trimmed and what materials will be useful for this. Also, it would be superfluous to ask what to change in the machine itself in terms of sounding, after all, it often happens that the owner, who installed a good noise isolation on his car, discovers that the sound effects from the speakers have changed, and the music does not sound the same as before. If these moments are of fundamental importance for you, then it is worthwhile to think whether the noise insulation of the car is necessary with your own hands or it will still have to be abandoned.

Below, we describe some of the properties of materials that should be considered when creating a soundproof coating.

The first thing you should pay attention to isthe weight of the material itself, because according to the laws of physics, the higher the mass of an object, the better it absorbs vibration, thereby automatically reducing the level of noise emitted. In massive materials, vibration is extinguished much faster than in the lungs, and this effect is achieved due to the redistribution of vibration energy, at which mechanical energy is converted into thermal energy. In this case, do not worry, because the insulation heats up so slightly that you hardly feel it by touch, but the effect is achieved impressive.

The second group of soundproof materialsoperates according to the barrier principle. This means that the noise insulation of the car with its own hands is carried out with the help of multi-layer consumables. The degree of absorption of vibration in them is much higher, especially for low-frequency oscillations, which are often indistinguishable from the human ear, but do no less damage to health than high-frequency vibration.

Before the noise insulation is installedcar vases with your own hands, you need to carefully inspect the machine and determine the source of extraneous sounds - it can be as the noise of the engine, running gear, creaking rubber bands or sounds coming from outside, that is, road noise, whistle draft.

In order to at least partially get rid ofnoise, penetrating from the outside, to cover with a special material follows the body parts located above the wheels, as well as the doors. For this purpose, rubberized plates or foamed polyurethane are excellent. When making a surface with such material, it is necessary to make sure that the holes intended for removing moisture remain open.

You can get rid of engine noise by isolatingdashboard. And in order to achieve maximum effect, noise insulation of the car by the hands is desirable, executed practically on all case, that is, on the bottom of the car, on a ceiling and so on. But such work can only be carried out by experienced professionals, so if you are not ready to remove the seats yourself, to open the doors and ceilings, it is better to contact specialists who do such work for more than one day.

Prices for noise insulation of the car, starting from the minimum, can reach quite large sums, so that having decided to make your car more comfortable, be prepared to pay a good price for it.

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