Car Alarm Starline D94: installation and owner reviews


The alarm complex D94 was a continuationseries of telematic security systems from Starline. And if in the previous versions of the A-family the calculation was for cars, then the D-line is oriented to the off-road segment. In other respects, the principal direction of operation of the security device remains the same. The creators sought to open up the potential of modern wireless control, using satellite navigation sensors and traditional elements of anti-theft systems. As a result, the Starline D94 system, balanced in terms of functionality, was obtained, which, however, has many differences from similar offers from competitive manufacturers.

starline d94

General Alarm Information

Starline presents a multicomponent securityComplex, based on an intelligent control system for protective devices. The main multisystems of the equipment include autoplay, interactive access control code, wired and wireless interfaces, geolocation tools, etc. The user can control the Starline D94 GSM system using a mobile communication module, complete key fobs, or via the start button that is installed on the the central panel in the cabin. Assistance in the organization of interaction with automotive electronics is provided by the GPS-interface. It allows you to locate the machine with an accuracy of several meters.

Physical protection is provided by anti-theftmechanisms that are built into the engine compartment, block the hood, doors and windows. To automatically monitor potentially dangerous points of hacking, special sensors are used. The status of the system is also informed by the Starline D94 keyfob, which also displays information about other security components. As for the security of the alarm itself, the system is initially protected by a dialogue control code with personal keys. The safety of the radio signal is provided by proprietary isolation from interference and a 512-channel transceiver with a narrow data transmission band.

car alarm starline d94

Installation requirements

First of all, the manufacturer recommendsUse the complex only as part of the onboard network of SUVs with a voltage of 12 V. Before installing the elements of the system, you should make sure that the local electrical equipment is correctly and correctly connected. Even before the functional components are placed, it is necessary to prepare the wires that will provide the power supply and signaling data transmission network. The gasket is carried out so that the contours are as far as possible from the radiators of radio and electrical interference. This can be, for example, high-voltage wires, electromagnetic devices or ignition coils. To ensure that the Starline D94 alarm system has a stable power supply even in conditions of severe vibrations when driving off-road, it is recommended to place cable lines without the risk of direct contact with the steering rods, pedals and other moving parts and machine assemblies. If additional relays are planned to be integrated in the circuit, they must first be shunted by diodes.

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Installing the main components

The main working component of any telematicsignaling is the control unit. It is installed in the cabin and whenever possible in a hidden place - usually under the instrument panel. The device is fixed with the help of complete self-tapping screws or plastic ties. The method of fastening is determined by the design of the off-road vehicle and the operating conditions of the unit. In this part, the main thing is to ensure the stability of the position of the Starline D94 equipment with the expectation of the same vibrations and vibrations when driving. Another important nuance when installing this unit is to observe the distance from the sources of heating. The device controller also includes a temperature sensor, so the third-party effect of climate devices can distort the readings of this module.

No less significant is the transceiver, from whichdepends on the quality of communication between the alarm components and the car owner. It is desirable to fix it on the windshield, but it is also possible under the same instrument panel. In both cases it is necessary to maintain a 5-centimeter distance from the metal parts of the body of the machine, lighting devices and sensitive sensors. Under this condition, the car alarm Starline D94 will be able to ensure a confident reception of the signal and its transmission. The physical fastening of this module is carried out by plastic ties or double-sided tape.

Installing ancillary components

starline d94 gsm reviews

To this group of alarm componentsthe LED indicator, the remote temperature sensor and the siren. The device of light indication can be fixed in any place of the machine, where its visibility in the active state will be guaranteed. It is desirable to fix the temperature sensor on the cooling system in the branch pipe part. Fastening is carried out by cable ties. There is also another option of fixing - next to the power unit assembly by threaded connections of the appropriate size. To maintain the reliability of the installation, it is recommended to use the Starline D94 starter kit. The instruction also indicates that the sensor can not be squeezed by a rigid fixing. To this, inexperienced craftsmen want to minimize the effects of vibrations on the sensitive element. As for the siren, the most advantageous place for its placement is in the engine compartment under the hood. It is also necessary to withstand the removal from high temperature and humidity sources.

Connecting a power source

The connection starts with a black ground wiresignaling. This is done with a complete bolt. At the end of the wire, it is necessary to wind the terminal specifically for the nut. Sometimes, again, inexperienced users connect the mass to the body of the car with self-tapping screws, but this option is undesirable because of the instability of the attachment. Connection of 12 V circuits is carried out by three red wires from the relay module. At this stage, you need to consider several points. First, the car alarm Starline D94 will ensure reliable operation only when connecting to a battery with standard wires of at least 6 mm2. Among the main points of connection it is possible to allocate the ignition lock, the control unit for body electrical equipment and the assembly complex. Secondly, it is necessary to take into account the presence of fuses in the circuit, as well as their rating. The power supply of the central unit and the relay module must be connected in different circuits and with separate fuses.

Features of the CAN bus connection Starline D94

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In this case, the connection scheme is definedcharacteristics of a specific on-board network. For example, a CAN connection can be made using a single wire, and through a whole group of channels. Also, some SUV models do not support the control of this interface by light signals. In such cases, the Starline D94 GSM kit must be connected to alternative control systems. In addition, this modification is by default oriented to the connection without the CAN bus, as it was in many previous generations. The new interface was added as an option.

Connecting additional devices

Additional components can be attributed toimmobilizer and temperature sensor, which should already be installed by this time. As for the first device, it usually refers to a regular module, the task of which is to prevent the keyless start of the engine. That is, in this case, a system will be installed that duplicates the function of the immobilizer. As a simulator, a module formed by two coil antennas will perform. They will provide switching via a relay. In this case, one coil should be paired with the ignition lock, and the second - with the key. The Starline D94 temperature sensor is connected via a 2-pin connector on the controller unit. After the connection, the contact points must be carefully insulated.

Positive feedback about the system

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In practice, the system reveals itselfworthy. According to users, electrotechnical ligaments work stably, eliminating the problems of interaction between the owner and the car. Here it is worth emphasizing the reliability of the devices included in the kit. The Starline D94 GSM functionality is also highly appreciated. The responses of experienced car owners note that formally the complex does not offer anything new, but the very combination of functional systems at the output provides an ergonomic and reliable safety tool.

Negative feedback

To the weak points of equipment, manythe dependence of the radio transmitter on weather conditions and the incompatibility of equipment with some models of foreign cars. Also, there are remarks in terms of the work of the key fob. The matter is that Starline D94 GSM signaling assumes constant radio contact with the user by the type of synchronization. Partly, therefore, the complete key chain of this system is often criticized for the rapid planting of batteries. In normal operation, the batteries are not enough for 1.5-2 months.


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As modern systems of providinganti-theft protection products Starline cause confidence in ordinary motorists, and among professionals. However, such complexes are valued not so much for innovation and high level of protection, as for affordable cost. In particular, Starline D94 with the installation can be purchased for 28-30 thousand rubles. Without assembly works, the kit is available on average for 25 thousand. The configuration of the modules will additionally cost 2-3 thousand. For comparison, offers from competitors of the same level are often estimated at 40-50 thousand. True, we can talk about multifunctional systems that are more dense affect and electrical equipment, not associated with the security-protective function of the car.

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