Korean "rhino" SSangYong Musso


SSangYong Musso is known to our market for more than one year. The SUV has a beautiful swift body, a frame structure. In addition, it is equipped with a Mercedes-Benz engine and has proven itself well.

ssangyong musso
The developers decided not to stop there, on their basis they created a pick-up Ssangyong Musso Sports.

The result of the last restyling of the basic modelMusso steel large light boxes with a "clean" glass, as well as a chrome radiator grille. Large air intakes on the bumper, wide laths, "stops" with colorless glass - all this gives the pickup a sporty shape. Longitudinal stamping of the hood and wings of the car underlines its dynamism. A long four-door cab also plays an important role in this.

The SSangYong Musso cargo bay is well protected against various kinds of chips or scratches with paintwork.

ssangyong musso sports
On the sides there are massive lugs, designed for fastening belts.

The SUV is located quite highabove the ground, which may require some skill in order to get into the car. In addition, in the autumn or winter you can easily get dirty clothes, because you constantly catch the thresholds with your feet.

Driving chair SSangYong Musso very convenient. In addition to the standard adjustments, it is possible to move the pillow in height and adjust the lumbar support.

The car's steering wheel is excellent in the hands. This is facilitated by a wide rim with grooves for the fingers. Only the angle of the steering wheel is adjustable.

The instrument panel of the cabin is covered with soft plastic. Fabric upholstery of the armchairs and the floor is not very practical.

You can start a car, only in advancesqueezing out the clutch pedal. This is important, because the starter will be less stressed, and do not jerk on an accidentally switched gear. The turbodiesel from Mercedes-Benz with a capacity of 120 hp. is distinguished by excellent pick-up at 2000-3000 rpm. Traction Control does not allow you to break into a skid during a sharp start.

SSangYong Musso has a five-speed boxgears with well-chosen gear ratios. In the first gear, the car accelerates to 30 km / h. Impressive acceleration in the fifth gear after 100 km / h with a well-untwisted engine. To the gear lever lever, you need to apply a minimum of effort, the accuracy of the inclusion is excellent.

The car has excellent handling onhigh speed due to stabilizers of lateral stability, located on the bridges of pick-up. The work of the front torsion suspension on triangular levers ensures an acceptable smooth running SSangYong Musso.

ssangyong musso reviews
Reviews of passengers of the second row are not always good, because the rear axle is sprung and does not work as high as the front.

It is necessary to note the qualitative noiseinterior. The noise of the diesel engine is heard only after 3000 rpm. Vibration from the engine, transmitted to the shift lever, and the steering wheel can cause some discomfort in the driver. Good visibility is provided by large exterior mirrors with electric drive and high planting.

The car is equipped with powerful disc brakeswith ABS, as well as a brake force distribution system. Therefore, the efficiency of braking on both the ordinary road surface and on wet grass is very high.

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