Electrical scheme of VAZ 2110: features


Each car VAZ-2110 is completedelectric equipment, which is designed to ensure its operation and create comfortable conditions for the driver and passengers. All electrical appliances are integrated into a single network. To understand its composition and the order of functioning, the electric principal circuit VAZ-2110 has been created. The onboard DC network has a voltage of twelve volts and includes sources and consumers of energy, protective and distributing devices, wires and switching elements.


electrical scheme of vases 2110
The car has two sources of electricity -battery and generator. The first ensures the functioning of the systems before start-up, during start-up and on certain operating modes of the engine. The second is the main one and serves both for powering all consumers and for charging the battery. The electrical scheme of the VAZ-2110 is designed in such a way that the power supplies ensure the energy balance in the system.


electrical scheme vases 2110 injector
To operate the powerplant of a carIt is necessary to timely supply the fuel mixture and its ignition in the cylinders of the engine. On a modern car, this function is provided by the injection system. The electrical circuit of VAZ-2110 (injector) allows to connect two main components correctly: fuel distributor and ignition control system. It controls the injection of a special electronic unit. Uninterrupted supply of gasoline is provided by an electric pump. It is installed directly in the fuel tank. The electrical scheme of the VAZ-2110 gasoline pump is designed taking into account the requirements of fire safety. Important note: on some brands of cars can be installed two gasoline pumps. The previous models of the VAZ car used a carburettor fuel delivery system. It is somewhat obsolete, less economical and reliable. The electrical scheme of the VAZ-2110 allows, without rework, to connect instead of the old system a modern injector. To change the fuel supply option, you need to contact a specialist. To operate the engine it is necessary to maintain its temperature in the operating range. For this, the cooling system serves. It includes a fan and a series of sensors that operate on a DC network.


electrical schematic circuit diagram 2110
A car is not only oneworking engine. For the operation of this type of vehicle, vital lighting, signaling, safety (active and passive), sound signal, windshield wipers are vital. This list can be continued. All these devices are consumers of electrical energy. In the modern car of the Volga plant there are hundreds of them. And any of them can fail for various reasons. The electrical circuit of VAZ-2110 allows to diagnose and eliminate any arisen fault, to make replacement of electric wiring elements. Modern traffic regulations prohibit the operation of vehicles if the above electrical devices do not work.


electric scheme of the gasoline pump VAZ 2110
The electrical scheme of the VAZ-2110 includes a number ofdevices that carry a service function. That is, provide minimal comfort for the driver and passengers of the car. This system of air conditioning, interior lighting, as well as a cigarette lighter, power steering, radio. The cars of the Volga plant are not famous for their increased comfort. However, the electrical circuit of the VAZ-2110 allows for some modifications, that is tuning. For the production of these works, specialist help is required. The wiring of the vehicle is reliably protected by a fuse block (s). It is they who, when closed, do not allow the entire wiring to burn out. Use only original products of specified capacity. Have some spare fuses. If any of the electrical devices fail, first check the serviceability of the fuse-links. In most cases, replacing the fuse eliminates the problem. That's all the information we wanted to share. Thank you for your attention.

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