Lada Priora hatchback - prestige and elegance


According to the idea of ​​designers, Lada Priora hatchbackretained in the design of the geometric clarity of the lines, which give the car a sense of ease and swiftness. Specialists managed to make the headlights and taillights more elegant, open wheel arches give the car a sense of solidity.

Lada Priora hatchback
In addition, the streamlined shape of the hatchback provides good aerodynamic performance at high speed, creating a good balance of lifting and tight forces.

It is known that during work on the sedan of Prior,Avtovaz has mastered about 2 thousand new parts. Lada Priora hatchback can boast about 230 original elements and nodes, but from some of the characteristic "diseases" identified earlier, it seems that it was not possible to get rid of. In particular, it was promised to refine the gear lever. The previous version worked not clearly enough, and, as tests show, Lada Priora Hatchback did not escape the same sad fate. To fold back the back seat will most likely be only a very patient person with good physical data, this task will definitely not be possible for women.

Lada Priora hatchback reviews
The luggage compartment is opened both from the passenger compartment andremote - button on the key. He himself was 30 liters less than in a sedan, but with a folded seat on the Lada Priora's capacity, the hatchback resembles a full-fledged station wagon. The original upholstery of doors with keys for controlling electric windows, pockets and fabric inserts fits perfectly into the harmonious interior design of the salon. The levers of the steering column switches are comfortable, the function keys and buttons are compact, you do not have to reach for them. In the cabin a pleasant microclimate, it is supported, by the way, with the help of a ventilation and heating system with a standard air purification filter. Prior to the hatchback - a comfortable car, here aerodynamics is carefully worked out and the corresponding characteristics are selected.

Lada Priora luxury hatchback
Officially, the car is available in threetrim levels: "Standard", "Norma" and Lada Priora hatchback luxury. For the last available air conditioning, ABS and airbags, and, what is noteworthy, is a $ 100 model more expensive than a similar sedan. In the plans was also the release of a "superlux" type configuration with a parking brake, a rain sensor, automatic headlamp system and a high-quality audio system.

A few words about the safety of Lada Prior hatchback. Reviews of specialists and numerous crash tests showed that the car is ready to provide the necessary level of protection for the driver and passengers. For the safety of the car, there are safety belts, airbag, reinforced side racks, thresholds and roof. In the design of the upholstery of the front doors there are special damping inserts that soften the side impact.

Six-valve 1.6 liter engine allowsthe car demonstrate good dynamic performance. Designers used a crank mechanism with lightweight pistons, which made it possible to significantly reduce the mechanical losses, and thus ensure the optimum performance of the engine. Being at the wheel Priora hatchback is comfortable and pleasant, and time flies unnoticed.

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