Turbine engine - closer to the dream


Who would not want to squeeze out of his car all the powerand ride like a real racer? However, not all cars allow this, because conventional engines are not designed for very high speeds. That is why the turbocharged engine has become a salvation for many car owners. Of course, you can buy a foreign car, which already from the plant provides for the installation of a turbine on the engine, but how to be the one who is a happy owner of the domestic car industry. On their shoulders lies the task of installing this design on their own.

Compared with abroad, the CIS countries are not soare strongly interested in such engines, although they are trying to translate this dream into reality by installing a mechanical inflatable and turbocharging. What is the difference between them? The thing is that the first inflatable provides for the operation of only one turbine, which is driven by an engine.

how to turbo an engine
Turbocharger works on two turbines, andThe first due to the exhaust gases is activated and activates the work of the second one. It in turn pushes air into the engine. Thanks to this well-coordinated design, the turbocharged engine does not need extra power.

Before turbocharging the engine, it is necessaryto know exactly the pressure indicator of the turbine, if it is low, then it is possible not to redo the old engine. But if you decide to install a turbocharged engine with high pressure, then you have to work hard.

Since most foreign cars do not require suchchanges, but the domestic machines are often subjected to a change in the engine. After all, every driver, well, or almost everyone, in the shower racer and wants to ride with the breeze. It is also worth noting that, despite the fact that the speed of auto increases many times, while its fuel consumption remains at the same level.

turbocharged engine

Motors created on the basis of atmospheres do not havesuch dynamics as a turbocharged engine. Even small sedans and hatchbacks are directly racing cars, on which you want to fly even faster, breaking the horizon. The increase in speed is due to the fact that the turbine is fitted with a ramjet accelerator, which also facilitates the operation of the engine itself.

In most cases, when tuning is selectedturbines with fuel injection and low pressure, because they are easier to install. The crankshaft, standard connecting rods and the cylinder head are also engaged. At installation there will be a necessity of change of pistons on specially intended for turbines, and also it is necessary to increase the combustion chamber, otherwise there will be a difference between pistons and a head of cylinders.

turbine installation
After the turbine is installed and ready foroperation, it is necessary to attach special importance to warming up the engine. Do not quickly gain momentum, as air passes first through the turbine, and thus, with the rapid recruitment, she will have to perform double work. The turbocharged engine should itself quietly reach 1,5 thousand, and only then it can be adjusted. However, after the revolutions were first collected, it is better to drop them and again raise to 3 thousand. It is also necessary to track the sound produced by the engine: if it looks like a howl, then everything is in order, but if you hear a metallic whistle, you need to stop the engine and carefully check everything.

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