Tuning "Kia Sid": features and nuances


Tuning "Kia Sid" is a change of technical,power, dynamic qualities of the car, as well as the exterior and interior interior. For this, both professional parts and hand-made elements can be used.

Production of tuning details and material

There are several optionstuning parts, while the choice of material is quite large. So, each tuning master or amateur can choose one of the presented options. Consider what material is used:

  • Fiberglass - the most common version of the manufacture of outdoor tuning. It is easy to work with, it is durable and does not require special skills and abilities.
  • Aluminum is considered to be one of the most difficult parts to make. At the same time, it ideally takes the necessary shape and is sufficiently strong.

tuning kia sid

  • Carbon. In general, professional tuning studio work with him.
  • Leather and leatherette - an ideal option for the constriction of the cabin.
  • Tree. For tuning only a few types are used: oak, mahogany, linden and birch. With it, insertions are made, and threads are threaded along them.
  • Plastic - the easiest in the work material, which is used mainly for tuning the cabin.
  • Carpet in different colors serves to change the color of the floor of the cabin and the luggage compartment.

Outdoor tuning

Outdoor tuning "Kia Sid" providesquite a lot of components: a set of body kit, a wing, a radiator grille, air intakes, painting, airbrushing, vinyl, as well as deflectors of glasses, toning and an extended body. All these details can be purchased in the tuning shops or manufactured by yourself.

The kit is often made of fiberglass (mainly in the CIS) or plastic (professional western tuning studio). From the same material, the grille is made.

kiace chip chip tuning

Tuning "Kia Sid" provides the following technology for the execution of this part:

  • First, the frame of the part is made of fiberglass, plastic or aluminum.
  • Next is the selection of the material for the execution of the grid. It can be corrugated metal or plastic.
  • The mesh material is cut off and soldered to the main frame.
  • The last stage is the installation of an upper closing frame, made of plastic or fiberglass, painted in body color.

In addition, you can make chrome or nickel plated, which are attached over the grid to special screws.

Engine tuning

Tuning engine "Kia Sid" can be twooptions: software or physical. In the first case, this is a chip-tuning, and in the second case - a replacement for lightweight parts. It is best to apply both options at the same time, because this way you can achieve greater efficiency of using the motor.

For "Kia Sid" chip tuning is a change of settingselectronic engine control unit, aimed at increasing the power characteristics. At the moment there are several mods for this engine. The most popular is the Kia Cee'd Pro Sport ver. 6. Install this software easily enough with a laptop computer and USB-ECU cable.

kia sid universal tuning

Physical tuning "Kia Sid" provides for the replacement of the following parts:

  • Lightweight intake and exhaust valves (manufacturer of CX).
  • Crankshaft (Kia Sport 3).
  • The camshaft (Kia Sport).
  • Gilazomplekty (ATM).
  • Cooling system (ATM).

Thus, having installed all the details and having performed the firmware of the computer, you can add to the total power of another 40 horsepower.

Tuning of undercarriage and steering

The tuning of the Kia Cee's chassis "d is the replacement of the suspension parts for the tuning version." The main spare parts, which are worth replacing to improve maneuverability and coupling with the road surface:

  • Wheel rims and tires, matched to the size. The manufacturer recommends the installation of tires produced by the firm Pirelli.
  • Steering tips. Ideal from the manufacturer ZTR.
  • Reduced by 2 cm shock absorbers and springs Koni or WARP.
  • Front and rear suspension stabilizers from ATM.
  • Wheel hub ZTR.

radiator grille tuning kia sid

After installing these parts, the carbecomes obedient at high speeds, and the hitching on the road surface is increased by 40% even in bad areas, which in turn increases the safety of the control.

Tuning of brake system

Tuning the brake system is what makesalmost every car enthusiast who decided to carry out a modification of his car. This site is directly related to the safety of not only the driver, but also pedestrians. Therefore, tuning "Kia Sid" in the part of the braking system must contain the replacement of the following elements:

  • Brake pads (WMR).
  • Brake discs (JP or Alpin).
  • Brake hoses and tubes (SNR).
  • Brake Cylinders (JP).
  • Parking brake and cables (AWR).

It is worth noting that after installing the tuning kit you will need the help of a master who will set the braking system as efficiently as possible.

Tuning hatchback and station wagon: what's the difference?

Modernization of the hatchback is a bit different from that,as the "Kia Sid" wagon improves. Tuning parts on the outside have a different length and height. So, at the station wagon the lining of the thresholds is longer, and the rear bumper has a height of 1.6 cm more.

Another important aspect is thatthe versatile person is put increased by 0,4 sm shock-absorbers and springs, and the forward suspension stabilizer has a double structure. This is due to the fact that it is harder to drive this car than a maneuverable hatchback.

tuning engine kia sid

It is worth noting that when buying kitsbody kits and tuning of spare parts it is worth paying attention to which version of the body they are made of. Usually manufacturers mark such details as follows: Cee'd CX (for hatchback) and Cee'd Pro (for station wagon).

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