Honda Fr V overview


The concept of this very unusual car is aimed at modern young families who prefer to lead an active lifestyle, which does not exclude long-term car trips.

Honda Fr V, which is, in fact, an alloy vanand crossover, offers its admirers an extremely spacious cabin, designed for six passengers. The car seems to be designed for comfortable and safe movement and transportation of a significant amount of luggage.

And without that a large volume of the trunk Honda Fr Vcan be significantly increased due to the folding of the rear row seats, which gives almost a whole cubic meter of additional volume and allows you to transport relatively large loads.

honda fr v

Externally, the car looks extremely stylish and dynamic - smooth lines and a swift appearance as if emphasize its rather frisky disposition and propensity for dynamic driving.

The interior design of the Honda Fr V is also made inmodern fast-paced style that emphasizes the sporting tendencies of the car. The front seats are comfortable in shape, with excellent side support and a significant amount of adjustments, a stylish small steering wheel, a few futuristic dashboard - all this imposes a special imprint on the interior arrangement of the Honda Fr V.

The quality of interior decoration is beyond praise, Japanese engineers and designers carefully worked through all the elements, once again stressing the attitude of Honda to the owners of their cars.

honda frv

The car is fitted with a gasolineengine in volume of 1.8 liters and capacity of 140 hp that at the equipped weight of the car hardly more than 1400 kg allows to show to it rather quite good dynamic parameters.

Manageability is traditional for allcars of the concern - excellent stability on the road even at the highest speeds, small body rolls and instant reaction even to a slight turn of the rudder make Honda Fr V the leader of its difficult automobile segment. And this is not surprising.

Honda FrV has a very rich basic equipment,which includes a system of separate climate control, heated front seats, eight airbags, as well as a traffic stabilization system, a rain sensor and a multifunctional on-board computer.

honda fr v

The engineers took care of the amateurs of the distanttravel. The car has a cruise control system, and the xenon headlights will not let your eyes get tired during the night movement. The car is equipped with a very good standard audio system with eight speakers, which allows you to enjoy music during long trips.

In general, the engineers of the group managed to create a veryAn extraordinary and stylish car attracting the attention of all road users. A rich basic equipment, excellent technical characteristics and high quality of performance combined with a relatively low price make it a leader in the class of modern minivans, the high competition in which makes all manufacturers keep a very high level of performance of cars.

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