"Renault Daster" (diesel) - reviews and review of the crossover


"Renault Daster" is, perhaps, the most successfulproject of the company over the past few years. Appeared in 2010, then still unknown to anyone, "Daster" instantly received recognition among many motorists. It was his price, comfort and build quality that made the novelty the most popular in Europe and the CIS. Already in six months he outscored even the most successful, it would seem, model of the off-road car "Nissan Kashkay". True, many owners complained about the lack of a diesel engine. Initially, the "Renault Daster" was sold only in gasoline performance. However, soon the situation stabilized and now you can buy not only gasoline, but also diesel modification. Let's consider it in more detail.

duster diesel reviews

"Renault Daster" diesel - reviews of owners about design and technical characteristics

Externally, differences between gasoline and dieselthe version of the crossover is almost non-existent (with the exception of TDI punches). The main feature is hidden under the hood. There is a 1.5-liter unit with a capacity of 90 horsepower. The peak of its torque at 1750 rpm is about 200 N / m.

As noted by the reviews, the "Renault Daster" diesel veryDynamic and its traction is more than enough for normal acceleration. And quickly it is gaining speed not only on the asphalt, which in fact is its main element, but also on the roads. By the way, the Renault Duster can not be called a "parking lot", although the Logan passenger car was used as a platform here. This crossover has the function of including an all-wheel drive, which makes it possible to confidently move off-road. Gravel, sand, fords and a primer - this is not a barrier for the SUV "Renault Daster" diesel.

reviews Reno Duster Diesel

Feedback from owners, in addition to high traction andpassability, also note the quality performance of the cabin. Despite the fact that the "Renault Daster" is the most affordable crossover, the quality of its decoration materials and interior design in general is far from budget. Fabric upholstery, branded audio system with the function "Bluetooth" and USB-connector, front electric windows, anti-lock system of wheels, central locking with D / U - this is not the whole list of "bells and whistles" that are included in the "Renault Daster" diesel. The owners' comments also point out the possibility of an optional air recirculation system, immobilizer and tinted glass.

About "bells and whistles"

Among the pleasant little things worth notinghydraulic power steering and steering column adjustment, which the driver can adjust by the angle. Unfortunately, the "base" will not include alloy wheels, only steel. Yet the "Renault Daster" is not Mercedes Gelendvagen, the abundance of electronic and other "lotions" here is limited to the price category.

Reno Duster diesel owner reviews


By the way, about the price category of the crossover RenaultDaster diesel. The drivers' comments say that it is simply impossible to find such an SUV worth 639,000 rubles in the Russian market. However, the price still bites, if you compare it to a gasoline modification, which costs less than 450 thousand rubles.

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