Jaggy Jaggy by Chery QQ6


What do we know about Chinese cars? The fact that they are not of the best quality, that they are often copies of European or American machines, and yet they are inexpensive.

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The last fact is known to everyone, he, perhaps, andis an explanation to the fact that it is possible to meet the creativity of the Chinese car industry recently on our roads more often. What is wrong to conceal, buying a car from the Middle Kingdom is still a risk, and we are taking this risk in search of a price-quality ratio. Some find themselves in these machines a benefit, others - problems with repair and accessories. Chery QQ6 - one of the links of a long chain of models of Chinese cars, try to figure out how strong it is.

Appearance in Chery QQ6 is very unusual. The front end of the car looks like a smile, which, along with round, slightly surprised headlights, framed by LEDs, creates the impression of carelessness.

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All its lines and outlines create the impressioncartoon character, and round high feed resembles a car from the past. In different ways, you can perceive such a design Chery QQ6, the same car owners and simply third-party observers boil down to the fact that such a look is exceptionally positive.

The light fabric upholstery of the seats causescontradictory feelings - it looks good, but how practical is such a showroom? The car interior, in general, is generally light, it concerns both the steering wheel and the plastic. The latter, by the way, at first glance raises doubts about the strength of its fastening. However, creaks during the ride were not identified. Behind the rounded sides of Chery QQ6 there is a rather impressive interior space, even the dimensional passengers will settle quietly. The dashboard is informative and no frills, confusing only the glass, giving a slight glare. Not bad sounds regular radio, in the cabin there are useful little things like pockets, shelves and coasters.

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We sit behind the wheel to look at the car atthe course. The car in fact is easy and maneuverable, easily rebuilt from row to row and without problems is parked in the city. At high speed to enter the turn is still better smoothly, because it gives the impression of a significant roll. But what's not pleased is the noise isolation. That during the movement the interlocutor heard you, you have to raise the tone of the voice. At a speed of more than 120 km / h, the Sino-Austrian motor starts to whine, and in the passenger compartment there are significant vibrations (in part this is supported by a rigid suspension). The fuel consumption in the mixed cycle is about 6 liters, which is an average for the 1.3-liter engine. The baggage compartment is difficult to call huge, but for a car of this class it is quite digestible and capacious (especially considering that it is a liftback, not a sedan).

A single-valued conclusion about Chery QQ6 is donedifficult. On the one hand, we get a car with solid equipment and good technical characteristics, on the other - excessive noise and not the best build quality. The main drawback of Chery QQ6 - the price of the car: still, for all its shortcomings, it could be cheaper.

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