Soundproofing of a diesel engine hood


Noise isolation of the hood is very important, but it is far awaynot the main task, aimed at reducing noise in the car. It should be preceded by a number of works to improve the technical condition of the engine itself, some body parts and suspension.

For many car owners (especially withdiesel engines), noise insulation of the hood with their own hands seems a trifling matter, capable of increasing their prestige and self-esteem. However, often even the use of expensive insulating materials does not yield any results. Therefore, it will be much more prudent to first find out where the foreign noise comes from. Experts argue that noise can provoke wear of the fuel pump, gearbox, engine cushion, chains or tensioners (if they are in the car).

Noise isolation of the hood

In this regard, it should be noted that the dieselautomotive equipment costs a lot of money, and car owners recklessly use inappropriate tractor or truck diesel, "killing" the engine. When measuring the noise level of a diesel engine that has already been "killed" by half such barbarous fuel (even with the closed windows of the passenger compartment), the noise level of the windscreen is on average 100 dB. Also, in practice, it is established that properly made noise insulation of the hood (without correcting engine problems) can reduce the noise level to 95 dB, suppressing some sound frequencies, but the overall noise level will not change.

Noise insulation of the hood with your own hands

First of all, this is because noisea working engine occurs when the fuel pump, cylinders, as well as in the presence of vibration and exhaust, are disrupted. It will penetrate the interior through the cracks and holes, available, including, and in the glazing. That's why it is very important to pre-inspect the entire engine compartment and repair all the gaps leading to the interior.

Noise protection of the car's hood
Noise insulation of the hood will not work ifBetween it and the windshield there is a backlash that produces a sound similar to the singing of a cricket. Hearing it, some believe that this is a sign of damage to the shock absorber. This play is often found in completely new cars. To reveal it, you need to close the hood and pull its veils off the windshield.

Noise protection of the car's hood
It is also important to investigate the state of the sealingrubber in the door of the car. If there is no complete sealing, then this is another source of noise not only from the engine, but also from the wheels and air streams. It is very important to pay attention to the insulation of the gaps between the doors and racks. If these factors are not eliminated, the noise insulation of the car's hood will not give the expected effect, and money and time will be wasted.

Only after completing these works, you can startinsulate hood cover. First, you need to glue a vibration-proof material between its ribs, such as, for example, "Vibroplast" or SGM Vibro M2F. There are not any stiffeners for all cars, so in many cases it is recommended to apply the VGM Vibro M2F to the hood (as a more efficient and lightweight insulation material). The noise insulation of the hood ends with the laying of the main noise-insulating material, such as Isotone LM15 or the Accent produced in Belarus of 10 LMKS.

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