"Volkswagen Craft" - an excellent truck for commercial activities


A couple of years ago, the German automaker"Volkswagen" presented to the public its new model of a minibus called "Volkswagen Craft". This machine was not a restyling of the LT model, but was developed by German engineers from scratch. As a result of long and painstaking work, a reliable, versatile, and, most importantly, a large minibus, capable of transporting any cargo at any distance, has turned out.

Volkswagen Crafter
Thanks to these and many other characteristics"Volkswagen Crafter" is a real bestseller on the European and domestic market, where it is officially supplied. According to experts, this commercial vehicle does not have any worthy competitors (with the exception of the Mercedes Sprinter), and therefore is in great demand among many carriers. So, let's look at what qualities a new German car has.


The appearance of the machine in comparison with otherminibuses of this brand is much more attractive and modern. Immediately, eye-catching headlamp headlights, which smoothly pass into a large windshield. A stylish bumper and balanced wheel arches look quite confident against the background of other commercial vehicles.

Volkswagen Craft craft van

Engine specifications

For the new Volkswagen Kraftter minibusthe manufacturer has specially developed three variants of diesel engines, which will be supplied to the domestic consumer in full. The first unit has a capacity of 109 horsepower, the second - 136, and the third as much as 163 horsepower. By the way, according to the manufacturer, all three units are designed for long-term operation in any driving conditions, and the nearest repair (not capital!) Will be required by them not earlier than 200 thousand kilometers. With regard to the level of economy, the Volkswagen Craft, thanks to the common rail injection system, consumes about 7-8 liters per 100 kilometers of run in a mixed cycle.

Volkswagen Crafter price

Technical characteristics of the body, cab and load-carrying capacity

The main feature of the new model of the minibus -this is its large capacity, which is as much as 17 cubic meters. Also, it is worthwhile to highlight the Volkswagen Crafter van, which, unlike the body of a minibus, allows you to hold up to 27 cubic meters of cargo, depending on the length of the chassis. At the same time, the car is capable of lifting and transporting various goods with a total mass of up to 2,800 kilograms. However, for such a powerful truck as the Volkswagen Craft, and 3 tons is not a hindrance. In the cab, the manufacturer has provided a lot of comfort systems for the driver, allowing not only fast, but also convenient to transport cargo. So the level of comfort at the minibus is at an altitude. The same goes for the wagons, which are equipped with all the necessary things, including the "Webasto" heating system (it is installed at the request of the client) for fans of long trips.

Volkswagen Crafter: price

The minimum cost for a new truck is 1.5 million rubles, while on the secondary market you can buy a 2-year minivan in excellent condition for 900 thousand.

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