The first generation of Volkswagen-Tuareg: owner reviews and description of the SUV


For the first time this car was born in 2002year. At that time the first generation of off-road cars "Volkswagen-Tuareg" came off the assembly line. The response of car owners said that the novelty became a good alternative to the expensive BMW-X5. After 4 years, this car underwent a small restyling and so it was produced until 2010. However, despite the fact that the first generation of crossovers are no longer produced serially, it still remains in demand among many motorists. How did the Germans "instill" such love for the Volkswagen-Touareg SUV? Feedback from owners will help us understand this issue.

Volkswagen Tuareg review


As noted above, many motoriststook this SUV as an alternative to the "BMW-X5". If you look at the machine from the inside, you can notice many similar details with this model. The design of the cabin, the size of the rear windows, the shape of the roof ... All this was reminiscent of the relationship between "Tuareg" and "Bumer". Being more accessible in the world market, the new "Volkswagen" crossover quickly gained popularity. What is noteworthy, the novelty has become cheaper and at the same time less "capricious" in terms of reliability than the "BMW-X5". Looking at the photo of the first generation of the Volkswagen-Touareg, we see a formidable and confident look of a real SUV. The large radiator grille, large windscreen and relief hood do not at all remind of its belonging to the "parkets". Slightly spoils the picture of optics, borrowed from the passenger "Passat". A high ground clearance, a slightly raised bumper and large wheel rims give confidence that the car will overcome any roadblocks. In addition, there is a crossover "Volkswagen-Tuareg" air suspension. The owners' comments say that thanks to this system you can increase the ground clearance to 30 centimeters. Well, what is he after this "SUV"?

reviews of car owners Volkswagen Tuareg

Technical characteristics of engines - what they say about this reviews of car owners?

"Volkswagen-Tuareg" has a very wide rangeengines. The crossover can be equipped with two six-cylinder units in volume of 3.2 and 3.6 liters capacity of 220 (after restyling this figure increased to 241 "horses") and 276 horsepower respectively. Also, eight-cylinder and 12-cylinder gasoline engines with a capacity of 310 and 450 hp, respectively, were available.

However, that's not all. In addition, the Germans developed three diesel options with a capacity of 174 to 350 horsepower and a working volume of 3 to 5 liters. So extensive a line of engines allowed car enthusiasts to choose the most suitable unit for their taste and purse. Such a variety of motors, perhaps, no one else, except for the German crossover "Volkswagen-Tuareg."

Volkswagen Tuareg Air Suspension Review

Feedback about the cost

At the moment, the SUV is only available inused condition. The price for pre-styling versions is about 570 thousand rubles. The cars that survived the restyling of 2006 cost a little more - up to 800 thousand rubles. It should also be noted that the price directly depends on which engine and gearbox is equipped with Volkswagen-Tuareg. The owners' comments say that the difference in equipment can reach several thousand rubles, so pick the right machine should be very carefully.

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