VAZ-2110: replacement of the clutch cable by yourself


Coupling in the car plays a very important role. This unit detaches the engine and the box for a while. After the gear is engaged, these gears re-engage. On domestic cars VAZ this function is performed by the clutch cable. 2110 is no exception. Over time, this element fails. And today we will look at how the VAZ-2110 clutch cable is being replaced with the removal of the windscreen wiper and without removing it.


On modern cars, the clutch forkis driven by a hydraulic actuator. The main and working cylinder of the clutch is engaged. On VAZ-2110 this plug moves mechanically, with the help of a cable (the same as an accelerator).

replacement of a cable of coupling vases 2110 with removal of a screen wiper and without removal
The clutch drive itself consists of several elements:

  • Cable sheath.
  • Mounting brackets.
  • The lower end of the cable sheath.
  • Adjusting nut.
  • Protective cable case.
  • The upper tip of the shell.
  • Thrust plate.
  • Sealant.

The entire mechanism is controlled by the clutch pedal. It is suspended on a separate bracket. Pushing it, the driver moves the clutch fork. That, in turn, detaches the box from the flywheel of the engine with a basket and a friction disk. After turning on the desired gear under the action of the return spring, the pedal moves upward. The friction disc engages the flywheel. The transmission of torque is made to the box, and then to the driving wheels. The drive has a fairly simple device, so the owners often do not face the problem of replacing the cable. However, if it is interrupted, you will notice it immediately. The transmissions will not turn on normally.

Why is this happening?

In general, a cable is a very reliable element, andit's difficult to break it. As a rule, such a breakdown occurs due to a heavy load on the part (or the car traveled more than 300 thousand kilometers).

VAZ 2110 replacement of the clutch cable
The main symptom of a malfunction is a failed oneclutch pedal. Also note that this feature is observed when the clutch fork is broken. Its resource is an order of magnitude smaller. But in any case without grip you can reach the service yourself. To do this, the car starts in the first gear and starts moving together with the engine start. Switching to the next speed is carried out with peregazovkoy. Getting to the repair site, avoid large intersections. Otherwise you will die out "on the transfer."


To perform this operation, we needminimum set of tools. Among them, you need to prepare keys "for 8", "for 17" and "for 19". We also need a Phillips screwdriver. Replacement clutch cable VAZ-2110 own hands can be made in two ways:

  1. With the removal of the wiper and frill.
  2. Without removal.

Let's consider both options in more detail.

Method number 1

This method takes a little longer. However, dismantling of such elements as windshield wiper and jabot (this is a decorative panel that is located under the "shackles" of wipers) will greatly facilitate the process of changing the cable. So, where do the work begin? First, it is necessary to remove the windshield wiper with a wrench and then the plastic cover under it.

replacement of the clutch cable with the VAZ 2110
So we release the clutch cable of the 2110th VAZ fromforks. We shift the cover from the tip of the cable and unscrew the nut, with which the tip is attached to the bracket on the transmission. The second key ("for 19"), keep the tip from turning. We take the part out of the fasteners. The tip bracket is removed from the studs. Then unscrew the screw of the holder of the protective cover. The latter bends slightly to the side. So we can get to the end of the clutch cable. Use a screwdriver to remove the locking clip. Extract the tip. Next, go to the salon.
replacement of a cable of coupling vases 2110 with removal of a screen wiper and without removal
Here we need to unscrew the bolt, with the help ofwhose cable is attached to the pedal. We dismantle the bushing and inspect its technical condition. If necessary, make a replacement. Do not forget about the lubrication. On the VAZ-2110 car, the replacement of the clutch cable is not complete without its preliminary processing by "Litol". Assemble in the reverse order.

Method number 2

Now consider how to make a carVAZ-2110 replacement of a cable of coupling without removal of a screen wiper and a decorative overlay. First we pick up the key "for 19" and unscrew the fastener of the cable. Remove the tip from the clutch release fork.

clutch cable 2110
Then move to the salon and unscrew the key"For 8" nut of the fastening of the element to the pedal. The latter slightly lifted and poddevayem clip, and then disconnect the clamp. Further from the salon you can completely remove the cable. A new element is also installed from the salon. We push it into the engine compartment and fix it in place. Reassemble in the reverse order.


Regardless of which waywas carried out on the car VAZ-2110 replacement of a cable of coupling, after work works the element needs to be adjusted. The whole point of the operation is to set the pedal free play.

replacement of a cable of coupling vases 2110
Distance between floor and topthe position of the clutch lever should be 12.5-13 centimeters. Measure the distance can be conventional roulette. Visually, it should be at the same level as the accelerator, as well as the brake pedal. To adjust the clearance, you need to loosen the nut on the transmission bracket with a wrench. The normal distance of the pedal between the floor is set by the selection method. When setting up, it's important not to rush. Otherwise, the entire procedure will have to be done anew. When the gap is 12.5 centimeters, tighten the nuts and check the operation of the clutch. It is better to make a small test drive. After one or two kilometers you will understand how correctly the clutch was adjusted. If the pedal is strong at the top or bottom, adjust its position again using the same nuts.


So, we figured out how to make a carVAZ-2110 replacement of a cable of coupling with removal of a screen wiper and without removal. As you can see, this procedure can be performed independently. And if such a breakdown happened on the way, you can always get to the repair site on your own. You can buy a clutch cable at any car store. The price of this element is about 360 rubles.

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