Review of compact hatchback "Daewoo Matiz" - specifications, design and price


For the first time the Korean compact hatchback "Daewoo Matiz"was presented to the public in 1998 at the Geneva Motor Show. At that time it was the first successful project of a compact city car that sold successfully in all countries of Western Europe. And after a few years the new Matiz got to the Russian market. How does it characterize our car owners? How much does it cost and what's under the hood? The answers to all these questions you will learn in our auto review "Daewoo Matiz - technical specifications, design and price."


matiz specifications

The exterior of the car was very successful,that has not been subjected to any changes for 16 years already. It is unlikely that someone will call the exterior "Daewoo Matiz" obsolete or dull. This kid bewitches with his modest and responsive design.

Round headlights, small hood and smilingair intake - this "Matiz" is clearly not lost in the crowd of other cars! His bright and cheerful design will cheer anyone up. In the presence of Matiz, everything becomes just as kind and cheerful.

Dimensions and capacity

new matiz

Compact "Daewoo Matiz" is one of the mostsmall hatchbacks in its class. Its dimensions are as follows: length - 3497 millimeters, width - 1495 millimeters, height - 1485 millimeters. The ground clearance is 15 centimeters. Due to its small size, the car briskly maneuvers through the narrowest streets of the city more confident than any business sedans. In this case, its trunk can accommodate up to 165 liters of cargo. For a city trip and shopping, this car is just right (actually, that's why he got the nickname "ladies' man"). And if this is a version with a box "automatic", then in general the best car for driving around the city than Matiz is simply not found. By the way, what are the technical characteristics of the Daewoo Matiz?

Engine and gearbox

The Russian market is supplied with two versions"Matiz" - with three- and four-cylinder engines. Both units are petrol, have the same multi-point fuel injection. The junior unit with its volume of 796 "cubes" develops a capacity of 51 horsepower. The top engine has a volume of 995 cubic centimeters. Its maximum power is 63 horsepower. For the city this is quite enough, especially since the average fuel consumption of Matiz is 5-5.5 liters per 100 kilometers. At the car "Daewoo Matiz" specifications in terms of "appetite" are very acceptable. If you calculate, it turns out that one liter of gasoline is enough for 20-25 kilometers of the road. The transmissions from Matiz have two - five-step "mechanics" and four-band "automatic". By the way, the latter is most appreciated by car enthusiasts the most.

The price of the new Matiz in the domestic market

price of new matiz

Given the fact that the new "korechik" stands in theRussia less than 200 thousand rubles in the basic configuration, we can say with certainty that Matiz is the most affordable car on the market in its class. Even the Chinese "Cheri QQ", which, in fact, is a copy of "Daewoo", costs at least 3-4 thousand more than genuine "Korean". But the most interesting: despite the low cost, build quality and reliability, Matiz is no worse than its main competitor, Nissan Mikra, and even more so than the Russian Oka.

"Daewoo Matiz" - technical specifications speak for themselves!

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