Business correspondence in English


The postal item is still the mosta popular kind of communication. Losing the phone, fax, Skype in the speed of delivery of information, the letter favorably differs from them the accuracy of information transfer, representativeness, low price. When sending commercial offers, the letter is simply irreplaceable, only it will help create about you and your activity the most favorable impression at the first impersonal contacts with foreign partners. Legally competently designed, written in good business language on a letterhead, the letter is the key to great success and the subsequent prosperity of international business.
Recently, the basic language of the internationalcommunication among business people became English. Business correspondence in English today will be understandable to any businessman anywhere in the world, so every business person is obliged to know the basic rules of writing a business letter. Before starting business correspondence, you need to determine for yourself the following points:
1. Type of letter:
o letter-order,
o Request letter,
o Offer letter,
o letter-claim,
o letter of gratitude,
o regulatory letter,
o Cover letter,
o resume,
o invoicing,
o an apology,
o response to a request,
o an invitation to cooperation,
o personal letter).
2. Is there a reply letter (there are a number of cases when the reply letter is not supposed, for example, in the mailing list).
3. Will the addressee understand the content of the letter, will not it leave any ambiguities concerning the issue of correspondence.
Business correspondence in English is sufficientdiffers from the spoken English language, and first of all, of course, a restrained and serious official style. In order to conduct correspondence in English, it is necessary to learn the rules of writing official letters and compiling English documentation. Business correspondence in English is a business card of the enterprise, with the help of which it is possible to produce on foreign business partners, especially at the first contact. It is the first impression of reading the letter that will play a major role in your subsequent relationships, on which the prosperity of your business depends, which means that this issue deserves special attention.

Business correspondence in English shouldto be conducted in a logical sequence, so that the reader should have a first thought about the need to take an immediate decision on this issue. Regardless of the purpose of the letter, the tone of the correspondence should be calm and correct, and a combination of simplicity of presentation and correct vocabulary will ensure understanding and exclude subsequent correspondence with explanations and additions. The conduct of business correspondence is unacceptable with the use of familiarity and professional slang, even if it seems appropriate to address this issue. When conducting business correspondence, ambiguity, inaccuracies and unnecessary reductions should be avoided.
Business correspondence in English should beimpeccable in all respects, even a slight deviation from the rules can make it legally inferior. This fact should be taken into account, because it is not customary to place a seal on important commercial documents abroad, it is enough to have one signature of an official. Naturally, all the facts mentioned in the letter must be carefully checked and endorsed by the performer. Business correspondence in English is one of the important components of international business activity. The professionalism of an employee of any large company largely determines his ability to correctly compose a business letter in English.

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