Ukrainian restaurateur Nikolai Tishchenko: personal life and other significant events


The life of a famous restaurateur is full of excitingchanges. Hardly a fan of the famous bachelor had time to reconcile with his next marriage, as information leaked on the Internet that Nikolay Tishchenko had become a father again. The other, not less pleasant, hurried after this pleasant news.

The new leader of the "Inspector"

nikolay tischenko
Not so long ago the famous restaurateur Nikolai Tishchenko celebrated the joyful event - paternity, and more recently learned that he would become the new leading show "The Inspector General", replacing Yan Abramov, who left abroad.

The situation turned out to be extremely funny - I did not have timeone "Inspector" to leave the country, as the other returned home from abroad (Nikolai recently arrived from America). These two news, and especially the last one, immediately became an occasion for discussions.

The opinions of users were divided approximately in half: half of the Internet users are sure that about the best "Inspector", than Nikolai Tishchenko, one should not even dream. No one knows the inside of the kitchen better than a professional restaurateur. The other half of users do not agree with the appointment of Tishchenko, but the specific reason for discontent has not been announced.

Nikolay Tishchenko: biography, the first steps in show business

nikolay tischenko biography
The native city of the businessman is Kiev. Here, in the Ukrainian capital, 45 years ago, Nicholas published his first cry. Nikolay Tishchenko celebrates his birthday on May 17.

In 1995, N. Tishchenko joined the ranks of graduates of the capital's engineering and construction university and became a certified mechanical engineer. He combined basic education with studies at the military department and at the time of graduation he was already in the rank of lieutenant.

As a student, Nikolai studied judo for three years, therefore, leaving the university walls, he was already a master of sports. However, Nikolay Tishchenko did not go to the construction business or sport.

In 1998, Nikolai began to work in the restaurantbusiness, where he excelled. A little time has passed and Nicholas's efforts have been crowned with victory: today he has an active network of restaurants "Mirovaya Karta", in particular - Velur, Vulik, Richelieu and other elite institutions.

It should be noted that in addition to restaurant businessNikolai Tishchenko is actively engaged in charity: he takes care of a public organization that unites Ukrainian single fathers - disabled people who are self-educating their children.

Important Events

nikolay tishenko personal life
In 2005, the biography of NicholasTishchenko-showman. The beginner figurant of television shows began to be recognized on the streets. Nikolay participated in the "Patriots Games" and "Fort Boyar", as well as in the show "The Lord of the Mountain".

Nikolai is also known as a philanthropist. In the same year, 2005, he was awarded an honorary letter of the Verkhovna Rada for his services to the Ukrainian people. Two years later Tishchenko's charitable work was evaluated by the Ukrainian Ministry of Youth, Family and Sports. However, these are not all significant events. In 2007, Tishchenko creates a network of restaurants "Our Card", the owner of which is until today. In 2008, on the basis of the decree of the President of Ukraine, N. Tishchenko received an honorable award - the Order of Merit for the third degree.

Truly unique gifts were received from NicholasUkrainian: annual "Ball of Flowers" and the "Most Successful Woman" award, which has been awarded annually for five years. This year, the solemn presentation of the award took place in one of the restaurants owned by Nikolai Tishchenko - "Coin".

Nikolay Tishchenko: personal life, love and marriages

nikolay tishchenko restaurateur
The first wife of the chef of all Ukraine was Larissa Tishchenkovskaya. From this marriage, Nicholas has a son, Daniel.

The second wife of the restaurateur was the firstbeauty of Ukraine Irina Zhuravskaya, winner of the beauty contest Miss Ukraine in 2008. The wedding celebration took place in early September 2010, but this family union was short-lived. Surrounded by Nikolai Tishchenko said that the last time they saw the former spouses together on the show program "Miss Ukraine - 2011".

After the second divorce, Nikolai plunged into his work and even fulfilled his long-standing dream - he tried himself as the leading culinary project known in Ukraine.

At the end of 2016, Nikolai Tishchenko shocked hisfans of the message of the third marriage. This time, the choice of restaurateur was 21-year-old Alla Baranovskaya - journalist and specialist in PR. This year the new presenter of the show program "The Inspector General" became the father for the second time.

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