The concept of management - briefly about the main


With the arrival of the market economy, newconcept of management, and now in our rapidly developing time management of the organization is a rather complex work that can not be done without having an understanding of the general rules and the importance of the numerous options that affect each situation separately. With innovations, a multifaceted concept of management has also been introduced, which can be viewed as management practices, like science and art, as a complex process with the adoption of a management decision and as a general organization of company management.

concept of management
In simple words, management is explainedthe ability to achieve goals with the help of human labor, intelligence and the correct use of both material resources and labor. Also, management is a set of methods, principles and forms of governance based on a scientific knowledge system. This system consists of a theoretical and practical basis, and provides management of evidence-based recommendations.

The basic concepts of management disclose the objectives, goals, principles and functions of management, its subjects and objects, as well as types.

The main goal of management is to ensurethe desired income and profit through a sound organization of production and human resources, as well as increased implementation and reduced costs. This goal is achieved by solving the following tasks: assessing the state of the organization, identifying development goals and their priority, building a strategic plan, etc.

Considering the notion of management as a processcontinuous interaction, it can distinguish four functions, which in themselves are also a process. These include: planning, organizing, motivating and monitoring. They determine when, what and how to produce, how to use and allocate resources, how to manage employees.

In addition, there are several typesmanagement, which separated into independent directions. Among them are organizational management, production, marketing, innovation, financial, etc. They all perform their own management functions and solve their tasks. However, the most important of these is the concept of financial management, because it is the art of managing a company's finances.
concept of financial management
Here, the budget of the organization, financial plan, the formation and distribution of its financial resources, the assessment of the financial state and the implementation of the necessary measures to strengthen it.

Summarizing, we can say that, having thoroughly studiedthe concept of management, all the laws of management become available, it becomes possible in practice to effectively use this knowledge, objectively evaluating and optimizing the management system. But there are no ready-made formulas for solving all the difficulties, because the environmental conditions are constantly changing, as well as the goals of the organization, but you will learn how to think and creatively apply the fundamental principles to the existing situations.

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