Job description office manager and some other employees of the company


Job description is the definition of job responsibilities, authorities, responsibilities and working conditions of employees of the enterprise in accordance with their specialization.

To interact with customers, andalso to perform administrative and management tasks in the structure of the organization, a separate department is formed - the office. One of the leading employees of this part of the enterprise is an office manager.

The job description of the office manager combines the provision and organization of the work of the office, as well as the interaction with other units available in the enterprise.

Obeying directly to management(director) of the enterprise, the administrator of the office is engaged in the purchase, installation and commissioning of office equipment, the development and scheduling of its preventive and routine maintenance, the decommissioning and disposal of the equipment that has exhausted the resource.

The job description of the office manager also includes:

  1. Provision of preparation and organization of work of the office.
  2. Conclusion of contracts for the supply of consumables.
  3. Maintenance of the budget of expenses, the organization of payments and registration of powers of attorney.
  4. Inventory of office facilities.
  5. Organization of document circulation of office, reception and dispatch of correspondence.
  6. Organization of necessary servicing of the enterprise's customers, conducting of business negotiations with documentary registration and subsequent analysis.
  7. Coordination and control of the work of office staff, the distribution of their duties between them, with a regular analysis of the effectiveness of their work.
  8. Development and implementation of disciplinary responsibility systems and motivation of office staff, as well as control of their implementation.
  9. Providing within the limits of his authorities assistance to employees in the event of operational difficulties.
  10. Coordinate preparation for completion and start a new working day.
  11. Preparation of reports.

In some cases, the office instructions of the office administrator may include the exercise of control over the office design, the preparation and release of evaluation materials for issuance to clients.

The job description of the office manager is determined byhis work schedule and the degree of his responsibility. The employee can be accepted or dismissed by the order of the enterprise management. According to the established procedure, a person is appointed who is the administrator of the office in his absence. The job description of the office manager assumes also the employee's departure on business trips.

In the structure of the enterprise there is a specialized department that provides management of employees of enterprises in accordance with the personnel policy established in the organization.

The job description of the personnel department includes the following main provisions:

  1. Work on the selection, reception and placement of employees of the required specialties, professions and qualifications.
  2. Organization of the certification of employees, the definition of employees who are subject to attestation again.
  3. Preparation of the necessary documents forproviding social security institutions, maintaining records in labor books, issuing the necessary certificates to employees to provide the requirements to the specified location.
  4. Conducting a systematic analysis of the work of the personnel structure of the enterprise.
  5. Organization of time-keeping records, vacation schedules, disciplinary control.
  6. Strengthen discipline, reduce staff turnover in the enterprise.
  7. Conducting systematic work aimed at creating a reserve of the enterprise.
  8. Accounting of employees of the enterprise.
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