The budget of incomes and expenses of the enterprise is one of the most important aspects of its fruitful activity


Budget of income and expenses of any enterpriseis divided into two main parts of the income and expenditure. Incomes and expenses are special economic aspects of distribution of a part of gross national product or single economic categories, each of which is responsible for a certain part of development of the enterprise. Revenues are the financial base of the organization's activities, and expenses are the satisfaction of public and production needs.

Budget of income and expenses of the organizationstate level implies several legal issues, which are stipulated in the relevant documents and requirements. The Budget Code of the Russian Federation has established an order in which it is indicated that the incomes of budget organizations from entrepreneurial activity are subject to compulsory accounting, for which the budget of incomes and expenses of this enterprise is responsible. The budget of revenues and expenditures of the Russian Federation is a unity of state legislation, various forms of reporting and budget classification of the system and some other aspects of state activity.

The main condition for efficiency and sufficientfunctioning of the entire budget process is the timely regulation of the sources of income of the enterprise and the analysis of the objectives of the necessary costs. A competently drawn up budget of income and expenses makes it easier to check the budget data, estimates, the dynamics of costs and incomes of the enterprise. For convenience, there is a certain classification, which allows you to compare income and expenses for the reports provided.

The budget of income and expenditure, as well asredistribution of profits is almost the main place in accounting. At the same time, its main function is to reflect and determine the financial results of the entire enterprise for the past period. At the same time, the income of an enterprise is understood as the growth of economic benefit as a result of the receipt of assets, which leads to an increase in the financial welfare of this organization. The expenses of the organizations are a decrease in the economic benefit due to the loss of assets, leading to a decrease in the financial captal of this enterprise. The budget for income and expenditure is, in this case, based mainly on the principles of accounting or the temporary certainty of the facts of organizational and economic activity.

An important moment in the organization of accountingbudgetary funds is the rule of estimating the amount of income and expenditure. In this case, the amount of revenue is nothing more than the value received by the organization in exchange for the goods, products or services it offers. Kinds of incomes and expenses depending on directions of kinds of activity are divided on expenses and incomes of usual activity and from other receipts. At the same time, the balance of income and expenditure is a very fragile substance, since it can vary considerably within various limits even within one month.

Based on these and other principles and rules, the budgetincome and expenses can help identify the financial result of the enterprise for the past period. According to the basic principle of accounting - the principle of temporary certainty of the facts of organizational and economic activity, it is possible to determine with the utmost accuracy the financial position of the enterprise at the moment, and according to the rule of recognition and determination of costs and revenues, you can calculate the required value without errors.

The budget of incomes and expenses of the enterprise is an important component of correct development of any enterprise which carries in itself the most important information on reliability and profitability of this organization.

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