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Personal sales became the most demandedway of promoting the product, more recently, the vacancy of the "client manager" did not exist, but now almost every company has in the state not one dozen direct "sales people". There is not a single advertising medium that would be more effective than direct sales.

The manager of personal sales is the representativethe company and how it competently builds a dialogue, affects the customer's loyalty to the product and the company itself. When recruiting staff for this position, you need to take into account external data, literacy of speech and even the timbre of voice. Pleasant appearance of the manager

Personal sales
has consumers, and also positions the company's image.

Personal sale is an art that is taughtnot one year, or are born with this gift. Large companies obligatory train their personnel in conducting negotiations, and also conduct training seminars every six months.

This vacancy is in demand in all civilizedworld, because it allows you to earn interest from the work done, usually the manager pays interest from the transactions, and the salary is the minimum amount. And, of course, companies are interested in the staff of such employees.

Personal sales are built on well-established and long-established rules.

First you need to establish contact with the client. To do this, you can use a couple of informal phrases or introduce yourself and your company. The main thing for the manager is a smile, charm, confidence and friendliness. If from the first seconds the manager makes a positive impression, then the rest of the dialogue will be more effective.

The manager should strive to ensure that the client agrees with his opinion and

Personal sales in marketing
answered "Yes." This is a famous device, which is exceptionally successful. If the manager manages to prove himself as a competent specialist and create the impression that he is "on the same wavelength" with the client, then the deal will be successful.

The third, but not less important, definition iscustomer needs. The more questions are discussed at the meeting, the easier it will be for the manager to understand the client, with the exact determination of the customer's desire, the manager chooses the most profitable and successful option of cooperation.

There are many rules, psychological tricks, marketing and ethical rules for building a successful conversation.

Personal sales introduce the buyer to the goods, the terms of purchase, the company. A person is able to tell and describe the advantages of a company as well as any advertising medium.

Also, personal sales have several disadvantages.

The manager can work only with a certain client, in a limited time. It can not provide a wide audience coverage.

Personal sale is
Many consumers have a dislike for the managers of personal sales. On this, of course, the client has a negative impression about the company.

It is impossible to control the work of the manager during the business meeting. Perfect mistakes in contact with the client can be fatal, while the impression of the brand will be ruined forever.

Personal selling in marketing plays a significant role in the profitability of the business, it is worthwhile to carefully select staff, motivating and training it.

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