What is the job of an economist?


Today, the profession of an economist is notonly the most popular, but also one of the most popular. Especially it is loved by young people who, according to statistics, are choosing to receive education faculties of this direction more often than others. But do all applicants understand what it means to work in this field and what is the economist's responsibility? What are the main functions of such an employee? Let's try to answer these questions.

official duties of economist
If to be brief, the economist is a specialist ineconomic activity. His job duties and work in general echo the activities of a financier, accountant, manager and other similar specialties. Such employees are required where you need to work with finances, clearly plan and calculate them. They control the expenditure of funds, analyze the activities of the enterprise as a whole and determine its profitability.

The official duties of an economist are, first of all, the development and coordination of tasks that are based on the compilation of statistical reports and documentation.

At the heart of the activities of such a specialist liesthe job description, which is drawn up when hiring, and the instructions of the head of the company. Let's consider in more detail the functional duties of an economist.

The main task is the implementation of economicactivity, which is aimed at improving the enterprise, improving the quality of products, optimal use of resources. In addition, this specialist calculates the material, financial and labor costs that are necessary for the production of goods and their implementation, the development of new technologies. The duties of an economist also include:

  • functional duties of an economist
    determination of the efficiency of the organization of production and labor;
  • introduction of innovations, new techniques for improving the company's work;
  • development of production and economic plans;
  • the preparation of materials for the drafting of contracts and control over the fulfillment of obligations thereunder;
  • carrying out of various marketing researches and forecasting of production development;
  • work with calculations, checking the correctness of settlement transactions;
  • maintenance of periodic reporting.

In addition to fulfilling the main duties listed above, the economist must constantly study the special literature that is relevant to his work.

What the applicant needs to know in order tosuccessfully fulfill the duties of an economist? At the heart of the activity of such a specialist lies a number of legislative acts, orders, documents, orders and orders that regulate his work. To become an economist, you need to be well-versed in the planning documentation, business plans, regulatory materials, methods of economic analysis and statistical accounting of various indicators.

In addition, that the employee is required to performofficial duties of an economist, he must have such qualities as ability to work hard and hard, principledness, clarity, courage, concentration, accuracy. He must have a well-developed constructive and logical thinking and be emotionally stable.

economist official duties

So, the economist, whose dutieswill differ depending on the particular place of work, - the profession is very complicated. Only a motivated and competent person can become a professional in this field of activity, who is ready to work hard and constantly improve himself.

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