Basic Certification Schemes


Each product or service must matchcertain quality standards. Those goods or services that can affect human security must be certified. They are included in a special list, which is revised annually.

Certification schemes
Depending on the type and volume of products,goods, services, and certification purposes, there are several schemes for carrying out this procedure. Each of them represents a certain list of actions. Undoubtedly, the choice of this or that certification scheme is coordinated with the manufacturer (or importer), because it is from him that he desires to receive a certificate of conformity to quality. It can be issued for one lot or for serial production.

Below are considered the certification schemes.

Product Certification Schemes
№ 1.It is used for products having a complex construction. It is used for products with a small volume of output. The sample is tested in a specialized laboratory that has the appropriate permit. If the applicant seeks to obtain an additional analysis of the state of the production under study, he is offered a certification scheme 1a.

№ 2. Here is provided inspection control.In the beginning, the products are tested, after which, the initiator of the inspection can proceed with the issuance of the certificate. Inspection inspection involves testing this product at different points of its implementation. The tests take place in an accredited laboratory. An addendum to the above certification scheme is Scheme 2a, which includes an analysis of the status of the production under study before the issuance of the certificate. Both these options are recommended for goods imported into the territory of the Russian Federation on a regular basis. The document conforming to the quality standards is issued for a period of one year.

No. 3.Tests of the sample are carried out in a specialized laboratory that has the appropriate permit. After the certificate is issued, inspection control is carried out, and this procedure is performed before the product reaches the direct consumer. Certification schemes of type 3a products require mandatory product testing, in conjunction with production analysis and inspection control. These options for obtaining compliance documents are the most expensive and are recommended for goods, products and services, the quality of which does not change for a long period of time. The certificate is valid for 3 years.

Service certification schemes
№ 4.Tests are performed, as in the previous versions, but the inspection control is performed differently. Samples are taken not only from the warehouse of the producer (or importer), but also at the object of their implementation. In Scheme 4a, before the issuance of the certificate, the production status is analyzed.

№ 5.In this case, the tests are carried out of a sample sample, and the analysis of production, and monitoring, which is carried out not only through the testing of samples from the warehouse, the implementation point, but also through the verification of the constancy of production conditions and the stability of the quality management system.

№ 6. The essence of this certification scheme is to control the quality system of the enterprise by a specialized body.

No. 7. The batch is tested here. The period of validity of the document is unlimited, no control is provided.

No. 8. This scheme assumes that all products manufactured by the enterprise must be tested. The certificate is provided in case of positive research results.

There are other schemes for certification of services, their numbers: 9, 10 and 10a. They are used for a batch with a small production volume. Another condition is the existence of a contract.

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