A little bit about who these brokers are


Brokerage is a licensedprofessional activity, performed on behalf of and at the expense of the client. This kind of training is aimed at facilitating and fulfilling the requirements when concluding transactions.

Who are the brokers?

insurance broker

Depending on the direction, the intermediaryactivities are divided into the following types: stock exchange, securities market, chartering of ships, mortgage lending, financial. In this article, let's talk about who are brokers in the sphere of insurance and customs. Today this profession is one of the most popular and popular in modern Russia. A broker is a professional intermediary acting in the interests of the representing company or client, and having remuneration for his work in the form of interest.

Who are insurance brokers?

who are the brokers

Buying property, such as a car, allface issues with clearance. Often there is simply no free time for paperwork, and then one should turn to a professional. Today in Russia there is a sufficient number of successful registered insurance participants. Many of them have an excellent reputation. The insurance broker acts as an intermediary between the client and the company. He carries out his activities on behalf of the insurer, expressing his demands and pursuing his interests. It is brokers that will help you find the company that will fulfill all the requirements and conditions. After all, an ordinary person who never takes part in insurance, it will be very difficult to choose the right option. Brokerage does not in any way consist in imposing the services of a particular firm; on the contrary, the specialist dictates the conditions of his client and imposes them on the insured. If there are any disputable issues and conflict situations with the company, he will not leave you, help in solving them and offer alternative ways. The broker is independent of the insurer and personally is not interested in choosing a particular firm, as he will receive his reward in any case, only taking into account all the requirements of the client, he increases his reputation.

Who are customs brokers?

Customs Broker

In the wholesale trade, importing andexporting goods, experienced companies use the services provided by the customs broker, sending documents to the authorities correctly and coordinating customs clearance operations. A common scheme of this procedure is the customs support of imported goods in the name of any front companies. A document confirming the organization's right to sell brokerage activities is a certificate of inclusion in the register. Such services can only be carried out by a legally registered person included in this list. For this, the following conditions must be met:

  • presence in the staff of the company of two specialists in registration of transactions;
  • the authorized and initial capital of the firm;
  • availability of the contract of insurance of risks of civil liability.
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