Features of Russian management, its differences from the Western management model


All of us very often hear coming to us fromEnglish language the word "management", literally translated as "administration, management." Today there are a lot of definitions of this term, and all of them are correct.

Management is a special kind of professional activity of a person, which is aimed at achieving the set goals.

Management - a certain profit-oriented system in the future, a system for forecasting, planning, organizing the production of goods or services.

Like any other type of activity, managementhas its own characteristics. The Russian management system, undoubtedly, differs from the European one. This is due to a number of factors. In Russia, management appeared relatively recently, with the emergence of market relations and the development of entrepreneurship. Its basis is human resources (workers) and entrepreneurial activity.

Features of Russian management are:

  • extremely high speed of political and socio-economic processes in the country, which can not but have a significant impact on all spheres of human activity;
  • a combination of factors contributing to the development and strengthening of the management system, or, on the contrary, to it;
  • special features of the mentality of the Russian people.

Features of Russian management areeven in the fact that the very concept of "manager" in our country is very vague. In the narrow sense of the word, the manager is the manager, the head of the enterprise, a large company. In our country today, this term indicates a different type of activity. In Russian companies, the secretary, the administrator responsible for small paper work, is also called a manager, which is not entirely true.

On the level of development of market relations Russialags behind the Western countries for at least half a century. Today, our country is going through the stage of development of market relations that Europe took several decades ago. In Russia, there is no such rich experience in the management of enterprises in the conditions of free competition, as there is in the West, in connection with which are noted such problems of Russian management as:

  • insufficient knowledge of demand. The demand for a particular product is determined only by the achievement of the final result of the activity;
  • lack of long-term business development goals;
  • lack of an independent evaluation of the activities of Russian managers;
  • absence of a supervisory reserve school, corruption, inability to achieve the desired result of their entrepreneurial activity without having connections in high circles, money, etc.

The features of modern Russian management are most evident in four main factors:

  • infrastructure management, political and socio-economic conditions of its existence;
  • setting priorities and directing efforts to implement them;
  • a set of measures aimed at developing the sphere of government in Russia;
  • a feature of public consciousness, which requires a very long period of time to change.

Today, many Russianenterprises are trying to adopt the experience of managing Western firms, which does not always end safely. It should be understood that some successfully working in Europe laws and management rules are completely unfit for work in the Russian conditions. Features of Russian management are considered as the main distinguishing feature in the management of the company in Russia and in the West. A person who has grown up in our country and has received a Russian education has his own approach to solving a particular problem, responds in different ways to different situations, which creates certain difficulties in following the Western management model. This does not mean that it is necessary to completely abandon the experience of developed countries in the field of management and to look for new ways from scratch. Considering all the main features of Russian management, thoroughly studying the experience of the country that has managed to go far ahead in the sphere of governance, it can be very successful in many areas of activity accessible to the Russian entrepreneur and manager.

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