Modern and most popular types of services


It is known that demand can not exist withoutoffers. As, actually, and vice versa. One of the varieties of the offer are services. However, they can not be attributed to the finished product, since the latter can always be purchased and disposed of at its discretion. Services - this is a kind of process aimed at meeting the needs of the buyer.

types of services
At the moment there are all kinds of services, and their number is constantly growing. These include:

  • Communications (television, radio, communications, the Internet, etc.).
  • Medical services (consultations, examination, treatment).
  • Trade (shops, markets).
  • Rest and travel (hotels, hotels, sanatoriums, holiday homes, etc.).
  • Education and upbringing (schools, kindergartens).
  • Repair and maintenance (from production equipment to small household appliances in the household).
  • Transport and all kinds of transportation (sea, land, air).
  • Insurance.
  • Legal services.
  • Banks (loans, deposits, etc.)
  • Advertising.

types of banking services
Today it is not possible to completelydo without banking services. Wherever modern man went and whatever he does, all his actions will be directly or indirectly related to money. He needs to spend his needs regularly and at the same time control his savings. No legal entity will manage without a settlement account and pay salaries to employees. It is for these purposes that there are types of banking services:

  • Deposits (creation of a bank account).
  • Opening of accounts and their further maintenance.
  • Lending (issuance of funds by the bank with the subsequent obligation of their return and payment of interest).
  • Transfers from account to account, cashing money from any of them.
  • Manufacturing of plastic cards. With their help, you can monitor the movement of money from account to account, as well as receive and issue a salary.
  • Cash and non-cash money transfers.
  • Receiving payments (for example, for utilities, insurance, fines).
  • Rent of bank cells (safes) for storing valuables.
  • Investing, factoring, collection (for legal entities).

Banks can provide other types of services. This, for example, consulting their customers on the choice of the most appropriate way to manage material values.

types of advertising services
Huge popularity of such typesservices, like advertising. With her help, any product and any activity is promoted. Advertising is aimed at stimulating the growth of demand, and hence, the successful sale of the proposal. Its goal is to attract as many potential buyers or users as possible. This is facilitated by various types of advertising services:

  • Newspapers and magazines (restricted to the target audience).
  • Television (the most powerful way, covering the majority of consumers).
  • Radio.
  • Outdoor advertising (signs, banners, billboards, light bollards, transport, walls of buildings, etc.).
  • Printed products (a specific mention of a product or service on paper for later distribution).
  • Souvenirs (products with the logo of the manufacturer).
  • Advertising at the place of sale (for example, by the seller in the store of any product).
  • Mailing list.

In addition, there are very originaladvertising services on benches, on fences, on asphalt, on balloons, on the human body, with the help of 25 frames and laser inscriptions in the sky, and even in public toilets. But it is in such a place at the modern pace of life that you can quietly read.

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