Logist - what kind of profession, and what are his job responsibilities?


Logist, what is this profession?If we talk about what logistics mean, this definition means managing flows of material values ​​and information in the process of commodity circulation. There are several areas of logistics that are distinguished by the functional duties of specialists:

logistics what kind of profession is it

  1. Sales.
  2. Transport.
  3. Warehouse.
  4. Production.
  5. Procurement.

Supply Chain Managers

Before pondering the question:"Logist - what is this profession?" - You should pay attention to specialists who are responsible for all supply flows. Starting from the analysis of the stock of the goods and its order and ending with transportation and delivery to the end user. Such specialists are called supply chain managers, and they are considered the most popular and highly paid logisticians.

Modern logistics

Specialty "logist" for the last timehas changed significantly both in its structure and in importance for business. The requirements of companies to the level of service are constantly increasing, requests for qualification of specialists are being raised. Before the logistics services (even in large industries) were limited to only a few employees, and today this division is allocated a special unit.

job description of a logistician
Logist - what is this profession

Experienced specialists, as a rule, receivelogistics education as the second highest, but today the training of logisticians began to open in state educational institutions, so you can master this profession immediately after graduation. Logistics was first introduced into the educational program as a specialty in 2000. To date, many universities offer to learn this profession, focusing on the existing demand. But theoretical knowledge is not appreciated by all experts-the real practical experience is more important, therefore a young specialist with a diploma will certainly receive a lower salary than an experienced professional without a special education.

The logistics service has a close relationshippractically with all divisions of the company. The logisticist should ideally be able to: study the demand structure, analyze the stock of the goods, count as an accountant, hire executors and lead a team of employees.

Specialty Logist

Job description of the logistician

The functional duties of the logistician are sufficientdiverse and in many ways unpredictable. He deals not only with the logistics of the enterprise, but also with the optimization of the work of the warehouse, transport, and establishes the interaction of units that are related to the supply chain.

Dependent duties of the logist and on the featuresworkplace. Therefore, the question: "Logist - what kind of profession?" - it is possible to answer in the following way: it is work with clients and suppliers, preparation of documents, their systematization and formation of registers. Also, the duties of the logisticist include resolving organizational issues in the formation and placement of the order, coordinating the work of the warehouse and the transport service, forecasting purchases with the sales department and laying cargo routes.

In addition, the logistic operator should be able tonegotiations with contractors and drivers, be able to actively use information technology in their work. Another logistics involves excellent analytical skills, since a professional must comprehensively represent all business processes, supply chains and find solutions for their competent optimization. And such skills are available only to those specialists who have an idea of ​​what mathematical logic is.

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