Marketing management in the enterprise.


The system of marketing management at the enterprise is subject to many factors: political instability, unpredictable external environment, change of competitive positions and so on.

Marketing management in the enterprise is a big part of the management work. It consists of two important elements: planning and organizing marketing activities. The process of marketing management in an enterpriseis continuous and is the observation of all changes in the external environment, the functioning of the marketing system and the identification of deviations between the actual and planned results of marketing activities.

Marketing management at the enterprise aims to ensure the most efficient use of material, financial and other resources.

Marketing management in the enterprise consists of four stages.

The first stage is the analysis of market opportunities, which need to start a lot, which is to establish the share of the enterprise in the commodity market.

The second stage is to choose the target market. This name has the most profitable for a particular company group of market segments or only one segment. And the activity of the enterprise is directed to them. Before choosing a target market, it is necessary to study consumers and segmentation of the market. Segmentation is the division of the market into groups of buyers that are characterized by the same reaction to the product and marketing efforts. The process of choosing a target market ends with what is called positioning the product. It means that an ideal image of the product is being formed, and it is provided with a desirable place not only in the market, but also in the minds of target consumers.

The third stage is the development of a complexmarketing, representing a set of parameters that are managed by the enterprise and used to fully meet the needs of the target market. The marketing complex consists of such parameters as the product, its price, sales, its promotion to the market.

The fourth stage is planning and control. Planning is a process, during which goals are set, strategies are set and clear ways to implement them. It is divided into tactical and strategic. Control is necessary in order to assess the level of implementation of plans.

Marketing management in the enterprise occursin the conditions of different marketing structures - an integral part of the entire organizational structure of any enterprise, which is a set of services of the enterprise, as well as organic links existing between them, not only horizontally but also vertically, that is, from the superior to the executor.

For the most effective marketing managementthe marketing structure is crucial. At the moment, it does not have a universal scheme. Marketing departments are created on different bases.

Thus, the marketing system in the enterpriseis subject to a wide variety of factors. Marketing goals are always aimed at turning the needs of customers into profits (incomes) of the enterprise and achieve specific results in certain markets. The direction and nature of the objectives of the enterprise is changing under the influence of rapid rates of scientific and technological progress, rapid changes in consumer demand, the complexity of production and growth in its scale and other factors. That is why marketing structures should be adaptable and flexible. But this is possible only if they can change their own organizational forms in the process of changing the marketing strategy.

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